May 2013

I've been living by the phrase "better late than never" for about the past week or so. Between finishing school (ahem, high school) for the year, meeting with clients about their 2013 sessions, actually shooting those 2013 sessions, and spending time with friends and family, I've been feeling a little stressed lately! But, to continue in that phrase for just another day or so, I have my May goals to share with you all today... and yes, better late than never!

April Accomplishments:

April was a full, long month, and I accomplished several of my goals- and then some!

I blogged more frequently in April- and actually loved it!

I took Angel for several walks, which we both loved :)

Took that cooking class with my mom and my nana! Such a special experience for us!

Announced the winner of the 2013 Client Contest!

Finally had new headshots taken for my business.

Plus- accomplished a bucket list goal I never dreamed of completing this soon! I surprised my mom and bought tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert about two hours before the concert started! We had such a good time together... plus, the fact that it was so unexpected made it even more fun!

May Goals:

Continue to blog frequently and regularly!

Prepare well for June's wedding

Celebrate my birthday, on the 23rd!

Graduate from High School! So crazy.

Plan my graduation party

Print updated pictures for my room

Buy only necessary things throughout the entire month

Update website with new work

Make a plan for purchasing new/updated gear 

Dream about goals for CAP over the course of the next year

Send out the May newsletter

Make a fun announcement around the middle of the month!

It's going to be a wonderful month, and I'm so excited! Stay tuned for some gorgeous sneak peeks, previews, and little updates here on the blog. What are your goals for May? It's my favorite month, so I'd love to know!


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