Just Lately: Making Life Happen

This photo is such an important one to me. Doesn't look like much, but it means more than I can describe.

Recently, my mom, Nana and I did something we'd been meaning to do for a long, long time- we took a cooking class together. It was something that had been on my "download" list for a long while... one of those things you hope you'll get to someday, but never take the steps to make happen. Finally, while waiting for dinner to cook at my Nana's house a few weeks ago, I decided I needed to just start making some things happen in my life. Sometimes, it's as easy as deciding! And, as little as it may seem, that cooking class was one of those things. I come from a family of really, really good cooks, and want to be equipped to carry that tradition to my own family one day. So, I told my mom and Nana that I wanted to take a cooking class with them during the spring, and asked if we could make that happen soon. They were so excited, and a few days later, we had looked at a long list of choices and decided on one to sign up for! We took the class together, shopped around for fun kitchen tools, and had such a sweet time together.

Those are the things I need to do more of. Trust me, there are many more on my download like it- go for a bike ride with my family, take my brother to ice cream, call my friend who moved away, surprise a friend with their favorite Starbucks drink after school, etc. Those things are the ones I need to make happen. They matter, and I cherish the memories that come from them more than I would ever have initially though. So here's to doing more of those things we've always meant to do. Xoxo friends- be encouraged to do stuff that matters this Memorial Day weekend!


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