A Letter to my Mama

Dear Mama,

Where do I even begin? I didn't have the words for this yesterday, but I'm realizing now that it doesn't have to be perfect. Maybe the best place to start is "thank you".

Thank you so much for everything you've taught and shown me over the years. One of my favorite things about you is that you show me how to live more than you tell me- and that's so much more meaningful. You've shown me to respect those older and above me, how to invest in conversations and in people, and how to communicate well, particularly through writing. You've shown me how important it is to take time alone to refuel regularly so that you can give even more of yourself to others. You've shown me how important remembering is, always bringing your camera or iPhone with you to take pictures when we go away or to an event, and scrapbooking your treasured pictures into gorgeous albums. You've shown me the value of honoring the memories of family who have passed away, whether you wear a special ring on a holiday or hang my great-grandmother's ornament on our Christmas tree every year. You've shown me how to live a full, balanced, fun life as a daughter of Christ, and to push through the hardest challenges and grow. For that I am so thankful.

You've taught me the importance of planning your days, setting goals, and making time for what matters. You've provided me with the example of getting up early to see Dad before he leaves for work and pack his lunch for him every morning, of eating and living with a healthy mindset, and of the importance of prioritizing life. You've taught me that it's okay to splurge on something every once in a while, and that ice cream is always a good idea! You roll with life instead of stressing when it gets busy, and sacrifice so much for me and our little family every day. You've taught me how to read, how to add and subtract, and how to play piano. Oh, I have such sweet memories of you teaching me piano when I was little, and of falling asleep listening to you play at night! You're one of the least critical and most content women I know, and easily one of the best cooks, too. You've taught me how important it is to spend time away as a family with other family members and friends, and that the best way to spend money is on experiences, not things. You've also taught me how to recognize the people who aren't fake, who respect and love just like Christ has taught us to do. You've taught me so, so much.

I'll always love a good book like you do, and remember that you can never have too many of them (or coffee mugs, either!). I'll always know the importance of having a sit-down dinner as a family whenever possible, and I promise, I'll always remember the value of a hand-written thank-you note, just like you do. And I think we both know I'll always love a Starbucks as much as you do! I'll always love listening to hymns like you do, too, and I'll always think of you when I see a pretty bird outside. I'll always try to remember not to interrupt people when they talk, to say please and thank-you whenever necessary, and treat everyone equally and with grace. I'll always remember to value my friendships deeply, and to build people up even when they're not around. I'll always do my best to keep my home beautiful, functional, and organized, just like you try to, but remember that no one is perfect.

Mom, I love you. Happy Mother's Day... I am beyond thankful for you! Much love, this week and every day.

Photo from May 2002, in Chicago



  1. Melody10:04 AM

    Wow is right Caitlin! You are an amazing young woman with an AMAZING mom!!! You have a great example to follow and so do those of us who call her a friend!

  2. Caitlin8:45 PM

    Thank you both! You are too sweet!