Just Lately: Boston

I love this month. April is full of all sorts of fun things... birthday's, sessions, trips, and time with people I adore and cherish. Then, something like what occurred on Monday happens.

It's easy to begin to lose hope in these moments that turn into history... to wonder where God is in the midst of it all. To wonder "why", when you turn on the news after seeing an alert flash on your iPhone. To wish something could have been done to change what happened. To feel that pit in your stomach as the details surface. It's awful.

Then you read about the marathon runners who kept going, kept running past the finish line to give blood to the victims of the crime. Then you read about the people who gave runners who could not finish the race their medal, telling them that in their eyes, they had completed it. Then you read about those who ran towards the scene of the crime instead of away from it, potentially putting their lives on the line to aid the victims. That's the hope. That's where God is, in the midst of all this chaos and hurt.

The photo above is from a Red Sox game I went to this past spring. I love that city. Boston has a special place in my heart and it saddens me that evil is so prevalent in it right now. Yet I have hope because of the heroes whose stories are still emerging, but mostly because I have a God who never gives up on His people. I'm resting in that this weekend, as I'm off to spend time with some sweet friends, have family over for dinner, worship at the church I adore on Sunday morning, and refuel for the week ahead. As I tweeted earlier today, God is still good. He always, always is.

Much love.


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