April 2013

It's April 4th, and I am so excited it's starting to feel like spring around here! Don't get me wrong, I love winter. But seeing the trees outside our house begin to bloom and getting lillies from our church on Easter Sunday has made this girl excited for a new season.

Plus, today kicks off my 2013 business season! I cannot wait to share images of a precious little newborn I'll be photographing this afternoon. If I haven't said it before, I love my job. Really, really love it... I feel so blessed to say that!

March was a good, productive, fun month, and I accomplished most of my goals for the month! Here are April's:

  • Blog more this month! Plain and simple.
  • Set up an emergency fund with Dave Ramsey's financial peace plan. This will feel so good to have in place!
  • Take my dog (See above! Isn't she a cutie?) for a walk weekly, now that it's finally warm enough to do it without freezing
  • Clean my bike and take a ride on a trail sometime throughout the month
  • Schedule time to take a cooking class with my mom and my nana! One of my goals for 2013 is to learn to cook well, and I think this will be such a good step in that direction.
  • Announce the winner of the 2013 Client Contest! (Coming tomorrow!)
  • Begin planning for a styled shoot this summer- my first ever!
  • Have new headshots taken for my business
  • Begin using Blog Stomp... very excited about this!
  • Design my new client experience for 2013 clients! Just a hint- it includes use of the wonderful program PASS! Check it out.
  • Send out the April newsletter in the coming week
  • Keep redecorating my room, including printing new images for frames- definitely a favorite project of mine!
  • Take one social media free weekend and see how I feel afterwards
I'd love to hear your goals for April! Do tell.

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