March 2013

1 Corinthians 13:8 // beautiful image created by Lara Casey; image source
We are almost a full week into March, and I'm ready to share the goals I have for this month with you all! But first, I'd love to share what I accomplished last month. Here we go...

Accomplished in February

Finish Worth Every Penny by Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty- just a few chapters to go! 
Easily one of the best books I have ever read about business. I reccomend this highly!
Take steps to recycle more- this has become really important to me lately. 
I moved a recycling tray up to my studio to encourage me to recycle old papers and magazines instead of throwing them away. It's the little things!
Organize three key areas of my room to provide myself with a more peaceful space at home. 
Work on my studio (currently located at a desk in my room) and make it more functional for what I love to do. 
I finally have a pretty, clean, bright space to work! Is it tiny? Yes. But it works for the season of life I'm in right now!
Hang pictures and update frames in my room. 
Half of this is done- the other half will be completed this month when I decided what images to have printed!
Bless a friend in a spontaneous way. 
This was far more fun than I expected. My sweet small group from church and I went out to dinner and anonymously paid for other peoples' dinners, then asked their servers to give them this printout as an explanation for their unexpected blessing. We plan to do it much more often now and are so excited!
Begin The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. 
I'm a few chapters in! So good.
Buy Love Does by Bob Goff. 
Again- one of the best books I've ever read. Love, love, love it.
Organize my first every styled shoot for late February- so excited! 
This was postponed to March or April due to a few unexpected snowstorms. I'm still planning on making it happen though!

March Goals

Clean out a closet I've been putting off forever. Seriously- it's bad!
Schedule a photoshoot to have new headshots taken for my new website. This is way overdue and I cannot wait to have them done!
Finish The Advantage by Patrick Lencion.
Balance my checkbook, and budget for the month of March.
A little spring cleaning- get rid of unnecessary clutter!
Walk Angel once a week, weather permitting :)
Buy Blog Stomp- finally!
Update the Facebook page with new profile and cover images. I'm weird- I love doing this! 
Create a beautiful "Welcome" PDF to be sent to prospective clients when they inquire.

Also, this month I'll be hosting a contest over on the Facebook page! One lucky client will win an 11x14 print from their 2012 session! Look for more news on this soon.

That's it for March! I'd love to hear your goals for the month too. Much love!


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