February 2013

Happy February everyone! I love this little in-between month and wanted to share my goals for the month with you all. What are your goals for the month? I'd love to know!

February Goals

Finish Worth Every Penny by Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty- just a few chapters to go!
Take steps to recycle more- this has become really important to me lately.
Organize three key areas of my room to provide myself with a more peaceful space at home.
Work on my studio (currently located at a desk in my room) and make it more functional for what I love to do.
Hang pictures and update frames in my room.
Bless a friend in a spontaneous way.
Begin The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni.
Buy Love Does by Bob Goff.
Organize my first every styled shoot for late February- so excited!

Accomplished in January

I learned to like salad... a lot! Especially with my mom's homemade salad dressing- yum.

I ate with healthier mindset, focusing on what's good for my body instead of what I wanted in the moment.

I began mentoring one person for twelve month with a special friend of mine.

I spent time in Scripture daily.

I lead worship more fully and with more skill- this is mainly about preparation for me and getting my 
heart in the right place before I get on stage and lead a few hundred high schoolers in worship for the morning. I love it.

I wrote more handwritten notes.

I journaled regularly.

I baked more frequently- this was one of my favorite parts of the month! I spent almost an entire Saturday baking and loved it.

January was fun. It didn't go by fast, more slow and quiet like I want a winter month to be, yet with a fair bit of excitement, hope and change for the coming months. Feeling very blessed today, February fourth, after an incredibly exciting, happy weekend celebrating a new season of life for some sweet friends of mine. God is faithful. 


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  1. The photo is amazing! You captured winter light so beautifully...