Favorites • 2012

I began my business in 2011.  I sat down one day at my desk, and just began.  It was after shooting a few sessions for free for friends and family, and I simply took a deep breath, and took a while to make one giant to-do list.  

It included creating documents such as release forms, finding out my editing style, buying a website, creating a logo, and starting a Facebook business page.  I worked all afternoon and evening... I lost track of time.  I knew this was what I wanted to do, and I went for it. I dreamed, I wrote, and I planned.

That fall I shot a few more sessions for fun and to practice, and then, after a few months of dreaming and goal setting, learning and planning, growing and praying, springtime rolled around, and with it came bookings from a few friends that I still cherish today.  I shot at different locations. I learned my camera. I saved for more equipment.  I was blessed with a new editing program.  It's safe to say that Caitlin Alexander Photography was beginning to snowball at that point. 

I booked shoots throughout last summer, consistently shooting two to three sessions per week.  It continued into the fall, and I began thinking about rebranding.  I still shot sessions all throughout the fall, and was the busiest I had ever been with editing, yet I could not have been happier.  It was hard. It was crazy.  Yet it felt so right.  I was living what I had dreamed about since I fell in love with photography.

Now, I'm booking into the summer, and I cannot wait for what 2013 will bring... weddings and sessions for couples, families, seniors, and kids who I know and those I have never met.  But for now, on this freezing cold, icy January morning, enjoy just a few of my favorite images from my 2012 season.

Much love!


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