"I'm not busy, I just live a full life," I tell myself a lot. My life is full to the brim with things and people I adore, and it's days like today where I could not feel more thankful looking back on the past seven days. This week I was so blessed to shoot two photoshoots, spend lots of time with sweet friends + family, celebrate a happy thing or two, and work on jobs and projects that I love. I read, I doodled, and wrote. There were times when I just wanted the weekend (typical), and others when I just sat back, took a deep breath, and wished time wouldn't move on so swiftly because I wanted a moment to stay a whole lot longer than it did. I thought and prayed my little heart out about a multitude of things because I couldn't get through life without Jesus, and this week was absolutely no exception. I listed to music (current favorites: Bethel Music: The Loft Sessions, Kari Jobe: Where I Find You) all day long on some of the last few days, and relished a little silence in the early mornings on others. I sang and practiced and studied and, yes, I cried and asked God "why", because life is so not perfect all the time. I worked hard and played hard, I traveled and I stayed home, I talked about both complicated and unimportant things, danced in the kitchen and laughed at myself more than anything or anyone else. I'm not busy, I just live a full life. Yeah.... really full. 

Happy Weekend.


a stitch in time | a day

A little while ago, I took a day-trip with a few of my favorite people to a sweet town a few hours away from my own. The change of scenery is always something I love and crave.... for a little while, change is a good thing. We drove around downtown and stopped whenever we saw something interesting-- a bridge, a windmill, a hotel with a courtyard, a shop, or whatever else caught our attention.We shopped and poked around downtown, visited stationary shops and boutiques. Laughing and chatting away, we kept an easy and relaxed pace. And of course, since the day included one trip to a chocolate/ gelato shop, and another to a nearby Starbucks, plus a movie at the end, it was as close to perfect as it could get.

Been anywhere exciting lately?


a stitch in time | project 147

I'd like to welcome you all to a brand new project I'm involved with. Project 147 is a combination of a blog and a website, fully dedicated to God's heart for the orphan. We (five girls) are advocating for the millions of precious orphans across the world today. There are over 147,000,000 lonely kiddos throughout the continents, countries, cities, and villages worldwide. Our goal is to make that number drop. Big time.

image credit: emma claire // our mission page on project 147's website
When I think “Project 147”, I think of several key words. Advocating. Love. Hope. That is our purpose. We are standing up for the forgotten through both the website and our blog. We want to raise awareness. We want to direct people to various ways in which they too can stand up for and advocate for over 147,000,000 precious kiddos across the globe who lack what most of us take for granted. And I cannot see what God does through us and the website.

Please take some time to look around the website and the blog (where I'll be posting later on today!). Pick something and begin now, to lower the number with us. Advocate with us. Pray with us. Follow us. Join us.

Welcome to Project 147.



authentic, beautiful life | the launch

Surprised? Maybe a little? I thought so.

It's here. Today, I officially re-launched my blog. Instead of being simply "A Stitch in Time", the blog now is more integrated with my photography business. For those of you that do not know, I am an aspiring photographer; I launched my business a few months ago. And as of today, I have launched a new part of that business, right here. I am so, so excited. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a loooong time. I wanted to find a place where I could write about life, share my own lifestyle photographs, and also post about the incredibly amazing people I'm photographing regularly. Curious about more details? Read on, my friend.

I talk and write a lot about stories when I talk about my work. I have always loved them... even when I was really little, I could usually be found reading one or making one up. (To read more on this, click on the "photography" tab above.) Obviously, as I was considering transitioning this blog into what it now is, I thought for a long time about stories. I knew I needed to share the stories of those I photograph. That was honestly the main reason for the switch. (That, and simplifying life. Of course.) So, here it is.... here is that place. Welcome, everyone.

To help you get your bearings, I want to walk you through the blog a bit. Ready for a tour? First stop is the new sidebar. Under "recent", you'll see photos from recent sessions. Click on each to view a Facebook preview album I posted on my business page. That column will be updated whenever I post a new session. The next thing to notice is that all of my pages have been completely re-done. They have been re-written with new content, links, answers, and photographs. I would love for you to take a look through those and let me know your thoughts! The followers gadget has been removed, but you can still follow via Google Friend Connect by clicking "follow" on the navibar. Also, notice that the subscription link for my RSS feed has been moved all the way to the bottom, just in case you were looking for that. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions about navigation for the new design.

So, what now? What does this all mean? What it doesn't mean is that I'll stop posting about typical life stuff. Oh my sweet goodness, no. You will still see plenty of posts filed "personal", the content of which will be familiar to you because it is what I have been posting from the beginning. As far as what's next? I would love for you to 1) stop by the website, which, by the way, is also in transition, 2) take a look at the Facebook page, and 3) let me know your thoughts about all of this! Please, please do this. I want to know what you all think about the change, the design, and everything else. And, of course, I'll be tweaking the design and header here and there until I am completely content, so don't be surprised if more change happens soon. ;)

Finally, I just need to take a minute and thank you all for every bit of support and encouragement all my readers have given me along this journey. It all means so much.

That is all I have for today! Welcome to the new blog, friends. I hope you like what you see.
much love.




I don't have a lot of words today. All I can say is this: It's good to be back. Breaks are good, but life is good too, and I'm ready to keep going and keep sharing it with all of you. 

And just to give you a sort of outline for the next month, be expecting....

changes (some much bigger than others)
photographs (of course!)
recaps from recent travels (excited?)
words (to be expected)
lists (I make lots)
goals (lots of those too)
a new design (because it's totally not winter anymore...?)
life (as usual)

Happy Sunday, all.