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There's this picture that I love. It's in my grandparents' house, nestled inside a tiny gold frame, and it is of my grandfather when he was a teenager. I love that photo. I love all the photos in their house, the tiny, framed, black and white snapshots scattered around the rooms. They tell a story. And somehow these printed, black and white pictures mean more to me than many other photographs.

Most of you know that photography is a passion of mine and that I am pursuing it as a career. I don't usually post photos from my recent photoshoots, but today I will... and all of them, in black and white. (there is seriously something about a black and white photograph, no?) I love this art with my whole heart. And I have so, so many dreams for where I will go and what I will do with it. Part of my "mission" in photography is to tell a story, to create art and memories that will be treasured just as much as I treasure and adore those photographs at my grandparents' home. I aspire to tell the beautiful, incredibly unique story of whoever I'm photographing, whether they are a couple, a family, a group of friends, or hey, maybe even a drummer. Everyone has a story, and I think that each and every one deserves to be told-- and treasured.

Hope you enjoyed a little look at what I love to do, and what I'm passionate about. Do you have a favorite?

Happy Wednesday.




Today, I am content.

Coming off of a weekend full, so full, of family, some work, football, hot chocolate, church, friends, and lots of laughter. Typical? Kind of. I love weekends.

Today's happy list:
church. football games. studying God's word with some of my favorite people. laughing {a lot} with those same people. making plans. editing photos from an incredibly sweet, recent photoshoot. new music. thinking about things to come. random trips to get ice cream while it's snowing. starbucks. winter sunsets. january snowfalls. a clean room. good movies.

What's on your happy list today?




I long to be more. I long to do more. To grow more, to love more. Don't we all?

In twenty twelve, I want to be more.
More patient. God does beautiful, incredible things through times of waiting.
More loving.
More fully and completely myself. Last year was defining in that way, and I am going to build on that.
More full of Jesus.
More joyful. Contagiously joyful-- so much so that it is unavoidable, inevitable, and yes, contagious.
More purposeful. 
More positive.
More real, more authentic.
More content. Truly, honestly content.

In twenty twelve, I want to do more.
To write more.
To cook + bake more.
To dream more (if that's possible..)
To travel more (definitely possible)
To laugh more.
To journal more.
To have lunch and coffee and do things with friends more often.
To live more fully. Every day, not wasting a moment.
To learn more. (working on a reading list, and yes, if you must know, it's a little crazy and more than slightly ambitious.)
To blog more. 
To pray more.
To create more.

In twenty twelve, I want to grow more.
To know Jesus more. So simple to say, yet not so simple to find time for. 
To make time for the above. ;)
To stretch myself and push my self in art, in life, with relationships, etc.
To work harder. So, so easy to type and talk about yet, in the moment, difficult to push through. I am capable.
To shed fear for good. Irrational fear, that is. With God, I have literally nothing to fear. Why waste the time on it? Fear robs me of chances to get things right. The last thing that I want is to look back on this year wondering what I could have done if I were not afraid.

In twenty twelve, I want to love more.
To know better the heart of God for orphans. This is so, so crucial to me, and God has been refining my heart in this a lot lately. 
To more deeply love my family.
To invest more in the lives of my friends. They are literally my extended family, and I think that if that's the case I should know them even better.
To invest, also, in the lives of the precious first graders I teach on Sunday mornings. I want to know their birthdays, to know what to pray for for them, to just know their hearts and their talents.

This list, these aspirations are so much deeper than what is written here. To each is attached a dream, an abstract thought forming in my mind including goals and plans for executing them. I love having a new beginning, a new chance to be, do, grow, and love more.

What do you aspire to do more of in the next twelve months?

Happy Weekend.




Some of you have seen this on the 147 Million Orphans tab above, but for those of you that haven't, I just wanted to share my heart on one of the things God has broken my heart for.


147 Million OrphansGod has a big, big heart for the broken and the orphaned and the unloved, and He's been refining my heart to love these people too. 147 Million Orphans does incredible work mainly in Uganda, Africa, by, among other things, providing hungry people with food, sick people with medical care, and lost people with the unsurpassed love of Jesus Christ. 

147 Million Orphans partners with Amazima Ministries. Amazima is located in Uganda, and they do amazing projects to help the same way that 147 Million Orphans does.

Here is a look at one of Amazima's beautiful projects. They teach women in Uganda to make beautiful magazine bead jewlery, and this does more than give purpose to these women. It provides them with a means to support their family other than what they had done before, such as digging for scrap metal in garbage dumps, and selling themselves in harmful ways to earn money they need to survive. Take a look:

Take a few minutes to browse both websites and look through what they have to offer. Change a life. God has a huge heart for orphans, and calls us to care for them too. What are you going to do about it?

// also be sure to look at TOMS Ordinary Hero.




Happy New Year everyone! I love beginnings, even though they hurt a bit. They're fresh and exciting, yet uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Perhaps that is part of what makes them so appealing. I don't exactly have any resolutions for the new year, but I did pick my one word for the year. Fearless. I am still working through in my mind all that fearless means and entails in the next twelve months, but I am excited. Ready. New beginnings are good, no?

Life lately:

ps: I'm thinking of opening a stitch in time for sponsorship, but need to know that there's some interest first. is anyone interested in sponsoring a stitch in time in the new year?