I wondered for a while when I would really feel like I was living a full life.

Of course, a full life begins and ends with Jesus. Yet a fully lived life is one overflowing with active thankfulness. Full life is not when every single thing is crossed off my to-do list for the day, when every email that finds its way into my inbox is answered instantly, or every wedding booking goes through. It's not when my hair looks perfect, when there's no dust in my room, or when I find enough time to work out in a day. Full life is not dictated by whether or not I tweeted enough in one day, whether I forgot to reply to a message, or whether my closet remains color coded after a busy weekend. Full life isn't when my laundry is all folded, when my bed's made, and when I find my way to a location for a session without a glitch. Full life is not when every detail from the past twenty-four hours has been logged into my Moleskine, when my socks match, or when my makeup stays perfect for an entire day. No. Full life is when I'm thankful for purposeful things to accomplish, for amazing clients who believe in my work, for the fact that I'm healthy, for education, for food in my pantry and my fridge, for furniture in my home, for work and earning money doing what I adore, for family and friends, for a memory, for consistent bookings and incredible people I get to meet, for Jesus and what He did for me. I need to sloooow down sometimes... give myself room to breathe, to be... and my loved ones deserve the same courtesy. I need to stop rushing; I move fast because I'm afraid to forget. This time of the year is a reminder to me to slow down, say "thanks" more often, and strive anew to be the best possible version of me... to create and be the best I can be with God's strength.

I'm thankful this Wednesday. Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, friends. What are you thankful for? SHARE THIS POST

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  1. Great post, Caitlin. :)

    I'm thankful for all the blessings the Lord gave me in life. From the small things to the big things!

    Happy early Thanksgiving to you too! ;)