this journey

I remember that afternoon. After I had finished everything I'd needed to do in the day, I brought paper, notebooks, pens, my laptop, packaging, discs, and my camera up to my desk. I sat down and opened my computer. That day, last autumn, I began a journey. That day, I started Caitlin Alexander Photography, my portrait and wedding photography business, for real. I was serious about it and needed to get to work. I made release forms, a logo, and started a website. I put up a few pictures of flowers (I know, I know...) on my brand new Facebook business page and invited several friends to like it. Did I have any idea what in the world I was doing? No. Not in the slightest bit. But I did it. I dove in, headfirst, and prayed my little heart out on the way.

Friends, a year later, I am still on this journey. And I love it. I'm booked with more sessions than I know what to do with this fall, scheduled my first wedding for next June, and am in the process of a crazy little rebrand of the entire business. I could not feel more excited, fulfilled, and blessed with this journey, and want to invite you along on it with me. Look for several changes coming to this blog and the business in the next few months, the first of which being that you can now like my Facebook business page directly from this little blog. Just look in the right sidebar! Follow along with me.

Happy Thursday, friends, and thank you for every ounce of support you've blessed me with over the years. SHARE THIS POST

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  1. You have been blessed with an amazing gift! i'm so glad that you are able to continue with it!