thank you.

Today, after I photographed another session with a sweet family, out in the crisp, autumn air, I thought about something... I realized something. And it made me feel so blessed. 

I could not think of any job, any way to earn money and glorify Jesus, any way to spend so much time, that I could possibly love more than being a photographer. 

I love this business, more than I ever thought was possible and more than I would have ever guessed I could have the capacity to. I consider it an absolute privilage to spend time with some incredible people, even if for some it's an hour and a half or so, at most, and tell their story in an authentic, beautiful, timeless way. It amazes me that they trust me to see a little deeper into their lives, into their hearts, to the core of what makes them, them. That they invite me to help them celebrate life, and celebrate their love. It is a breath-catchingly beautiful thing to see just how deeply they adore those they are close to. The depth of who they are, and what matters to them… it gets me every time, and I have to step back from it all, in the midst of the craziness a typical session involves, and thank Jesus for this beautiful blessing. It astounds me that I get to earn my money doing something so fulfilling and life-bringing... something so full of joy and raw life. And I cannot thank each and every client, encourager, family member, and sweet friend that has been cheering me on since the beginning of this adventure, this journey.

Tonight, I am so thankful. Happy Saturday, all. 


  1. Photography is a glorious and precious thing, I love how each photo tells a story. :)

  2. no, thank you Caitlin! you're work helps your clients show just how beautiful life is! :)

  3. What beautiful photos!

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