always good

Today, I have few words.... simply a deep thankfulness for life. For friendship, surprises, writing, laughter, inspiration, pool days, freckles, family, and so much else that comes with summertime. I love this time of the year and I love this time of my life. This does not mean there haven't been enormous struggles lately and this does not mean that I do not walk away from many situations wishing they had gone very, very differently or that I don't deeply feel the hurt certain things bring. This doesn't mean that the hard stuff in life has been any easier lately. What this does mean is that because of Jesus, I can [and absolutely do!] have joy and can be thankful through these things. I am so very thankful today. Because even when I and those around me are far from it, God is always incredibly good.


  1. Amen! He is awesome.

  2. That is great caitlin! So very true. ☺

  3. How do I follow your blog? Comment on my blog and tell me?