have Your way

This past week was incredible. I spent some time away with some sweet, incredible friends. Some of them are new friends, others I've grown up with and I've known since I was five. And let me just say, spending a week living cramped in a college dorm with a bunch of girls practically forces you to get to know each other a whole lot better. Mornings seemed to come far quicker than any of us would have liked, what with us staying up into crazy hours of the night, talking + laughing. After getting ready, we'd grab our Bibles and notebooks, slip on those wristbands, and head to breakfast. I love the community of eating with people I love, people who are a part of my church family. I love being surrounded by people day in and day out who love Jesus with their whole hearts. I love worship with a thousand of teenagers. I love doing life with them for a week, seeing people throughout the day, at meals, and for group time at night. I love dressing up for the powerful night services and listening and growing and praying there, especially because it is more often than usual. And though I could go on and on about the week, I think it will suffice to say that God moved. He worked. And I surrendered, over and over again, to Him + His will for me. Surrender is difficult and so scary, but it is such a beautiful thing. And so i will always say, "have Your way". That theme wove its way like a thread throughout my week, and God still challenges me even after this trip to totally allow Him that.

God is good.


  1. What a beautiful, sweet post. Thank you for sharing and putting yourself out there in order to encourage others!

  2. God is good. amen.