may goals

Seriously, it is May 2nd? I am so excited, guys. May is one of most favorite months, and since that's the case, I decided to make the most of it. I have several goals for the month, and would love to hear yours too!

-- drink more water. Enough said.
-- keep up on emails, projects, and blogging daily
-- go through all files (photographs, school assignments, documents, etc.) on this little laptop...things are moving a liiiitle slow around here lately!
-- buy brand new packaging for the business! so excited to get started on this.
-- clean out my desk. and keep it that way.
-- order prints for my studio space.... also, frame them and hang them
-- do something special for each family member
-- finish off school well! soo close.
-- quit being such a perfectionist. honestly, it has got to stop.
-- cook a totally new meal
-- make a summer reading list (oh, you finally figured it out? I'm a nerd.)

Do you have any goals for May? Do tell.


  1. Sounds good to me! :) I have something like this for summer of here...


    It was a few days ago... so you may have to read one or two pages... :)


  2. What a lovely list :) I also need to start drinking more water.

  3. ah yes. I desperately need to clean out my desk. seriously. Its a mess.
    Also, I keep meaning to tell you this, but I love all of the changes that you have made to your blog! They are so cool and exciting!
    I really do read your blog a lot, I'm just terrible at commenting. :P

  4. Ohh summer reading is calling my name! I need to start my list soon too! :)


  5. fun list, girl! I'm busy plugging away at mine...how's yours going so far? :) x