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I'd like to welcome you all to a brand new project I'm involved with. Project 147 is a combination of a blog and a website, fully dedicated to God's heart for the orphan. We (five girls) are advocating for the millions of precious orphans across the world today. There are over 147,000,000 lonely kiddos throughout the continents, countries, cities, and villages worldwide. Our goal is to make that number drop. Big time.

image credit: emma claire // our mission page on project 147's website
When I think “Project 147”, I think of several key words. Advocating. Love. Hope. That is our purpose. We are standing up for the forgotten through both the website and our blog. We want to raise awareness. We want to direct people to various ways in which they too can stand up for and advocate for over 147,000,000 precious kiddos across the globe who lack what most of us take for granted. And I cannot see what God does through us and the website.

Please take some time to look around the website and the blog (where I'll be posting later on today!). Pick something and begin now, to lower the number with us. Advocate with us. Pray with us. Follow us. Join us.

Welcome to Project 147.


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