"I'm not busy, I just live a full life," I tell myself a lot. My life is full to the brim with things and people I adore, and it's days like today where I could not feel more thankful looking back on the past seven days. This week I was so blessed to shoot two photoshoots, spend lots of time with sweet friends + family, celebrate a happy thing or two, and work on jobs and projects that I love. I read, I doodled, and wrote. There were times when I just wanted the weekend (typical), and others when I just sat back, took a deep breath, and wished time wouldn't move on so swiftly because I wanted a moment to stay a whole lot longer than it did. I thought and prayed my little heart out about a multitude of things because I couldn't get through life without Jesus, and this week was absolutely no exception. I listed to music (current favorites: Bethel Music: The Loft Sessions, Kari Jobe: Where I Find You) all day long on some of the last few days, and relished a little silence in the early mornings on others. I sang and practiced and studied and, yes, I cried and asked God "why", because life is so not perfect all the time. I worked hard and played hard, I traveled and I stayed home, I talked about both complicated and unimportant things, danced in the kitchen and laughed at myself more than anything or anyone else. I'm not busy, I just live a full life. Yeah.... really full. 

Happy Weekend.


  1. aww, the first picture is so wonderful!
    I can,t even describe how inspiring your words are, finally something that can keep me motivated :) Thank you!

  2. beautiful words + pictures. i love your blog, it is so inspiring. thank you,