promises, thoughts, and other whatnot

Oh my goodness.  It has definitely been too long. In a way, February flew by. In another, it was so very full of a multitide of good, good things that it went by at the perfect pace. In any case I blogged much less than usual throughout the past month and for that I am sorry. I missed it. I missed weaving photographs and words together into a finished product I couldn't wait for you to see.

I know that March will be good too. February was new, it was scary, it was exciting, and it was full. March holds promises of much of the same things. I cannot wait for what it brings, especially since I know some of it will be crazy amazing. Be on the lookout for the reveal of a wonderful new project, many photographs, of course, more words than photos some days, a new design, and most definitely, more frequent posts.

What did February hold for you? Better yet, what do you hope March holds?

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Project, you say? I can't wait for that ;)

    1. wink wink ;) can't wait either!

  2. Well, february held a lot of new memories, and a sort of awakening with my own blog. I am hoping that March brings even more memories and happy little things :)

    And a project? I quite like those :)