Some of you have seen this on the 147 Million Orphans tab above, but for those of you that haven't, I just wanted to share my heart on one of the things God has broken my heart for.


147 Million OrphansGod has a big, big heart for the broken and the orphaned and the unloved, and He's been refining my heart to love these people too. 147 Million Orphans does incredible work mainly in Uganda, Africa, by, among other things, providing hungry people with food, sick people with medical care, and lost people with the unsurpassed love of Jesus Christ. 

147 Million Orphans partners with Amazima Ministries. Amazima is located in Uganda, and they do amazing projects to help the same way that 147 Million Orphans does.

Here is a look at one of Amazima's beautiful projects. They teach women in Uganda to make beautiful magazine bead jewlery, and this does more than give purpose to these women. It provides them with a means to support their family other than what they had done before, such as digging for scrap metal in garbage dumps, and selling themselves in harmful ways to earn money they need to survive. Take a look:

Take a few minutes to browse both websites and look through what they have to offer. Change a life. God has a huge heart for orphans, and calls us to care for them too. What are you going to do about it?

// also be sure to look at TOMS Ordinary Hero.



  1. I LOVE Katie Davis' beautiful and inspiring story. I have one of those necklaces and I wear it almost every day.

    --Abi :)

  2. hey! my invisible children club at school sold magazine bead jewelry from uganda. we raised a ton of money, and they're so pretty! I bought a rainbow bracelet for myself :)