quiet autumn afternoons

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. But I am a fan of pumpkins, sweet friends, laughter, chilly night air, hot chocolate, and bonfires.

Yes, I like these things. And they will be define my night tonight. In the meantime, I'm also liking these scenes from quiet autumn afternoons.




autumn glow

 // When all the world is blossoming
And everything around is bursting into life
And I don't have to strain to hear the beat of Your heart
Oh, oh
everything is yours >> audrey assad

a u t u m n     g l o w

Oh, what can you do when you see this outside, but sigh happily and shake your head in wonder.... more soon.




on authenticity.

au . then . tic [aw-then-tik]
not false or copied; genuine; real*

I have something that's been weighing a bit on me, on my heart. There is so much falseness in the world. So much fake. The world needs a few people who fit that description, in the definition above.

I have been thinking about what I want to be known as. More on that another day, but I realized that one of the biggest things I want to be known as is a real, genuine person.... an authentic person. One who doesn't pretend. Who isn't shy with or ashamed about who she is, the real version of herself, but is totally okay with herself, how she looks, and who she is. And so, I started thinking.

I am and aspire to be many things.
I have a whole bunch of freckles.
and I actually like them, thank you.
I have thick, curly-ish hair.
oftentimes it's twisted into a messy bun.
I take pictures. a lot. photography is my main passion. 
well, besides Jesus, of course.
He is my Strength and my Song. my King and my Savior.
I adore art. 
stubborn, passionate, and loving. that would be me.
oh, and the stubborn part. proof? my first word was "no".
I'm outside a lot. 
I like to run. 
disclaimer: after about a mile, I'm pretty much done. :)
besides running, I'm horribly un-athletic. I'm fine watching a game on television or in the bleachers, please and thank you.
breath fresh air.
meander through the woods.
I like some vintage, old things.
like journals, books, jewelry, etc. especially cameras.
but antique dolls freak me out.
{ it's those beady eyes, I'm sure.}
autumn is by far my absolute favorite season. 
the smells.
the tastes.
wearing moccasins + boots.
oh, and scarves.
I like it all.
slightly obsessed with sock monkeys + owls. they are the cutest. 
I've always loved to write.
I love life, and I live it to the full { john 10:10b }. or at least, I try my very best.
you might say that I'm a nerd, but that's okay, 'cause I'd agree with you. I love a good book. 
I love my friends and my family more than any of them could ever know.
especially my small group from my church and the friends I've literally grown up with. 
they're the best, ever. 
baking is better than cooking in my book.
I am fascinated by stars and the One who dropped them each into place.
yoga { not the creepy "ommmm" kind, trust me, please.... } is awesome.
I kind of like ice cream.
okay, a lot.
and coffee + tea.
don't even get me started on Starbucks.
I will own a red mini cooper convertible one day. and don't you forget it!
I despise snakes. 
I'm almost always cold.
I love rollercoasters.
and the rain.
and sunflowers.
for real? I can't roast a marshmallow without catching it on fire to save my life.
pretty sure I'll end up in Africa someday, adopting a kid or two. 
probably China too.
and maybe Nepal?
I almost always have music playing.
you could say that it drives people a little crazy, especially since some days, I listen to the same song over and over.
and how could I forget? I laugh, a lot. easily.
I am ok with this.
actually, with all of it.

So there. That's me, the gist of it. Take it or leave it, this is me. Being known as an authentic person is something I really hope for.

Have a great day. xoxo.

*definition found using the free Dictionary app



I cannot tell you why, but I've always called her "little one". Strange? Maybe. Because a. she's not exactly little and b. she.... is my dog.

She's a sweetheart. And she loves, among other things, going for walks. After all, what dog doesn't? So, I took her for one yesterday afternoon, my camera + new lens in tow. By the way? The new lens is incredible.

// exhausting, isn't it.... getting your picture taken. she has such a tough life.

We meandered through the yard, investigated piles of crunchy, leaves, stopped and sat in the soft grass, and burned off a little energy. She loved it, and I loved it.

It truly is the little things, isn't it. Hoping your Sunday is off to a great start.




I'm in love.

It's here. My new 50 mm 1.8 lens, that is. It. Has. Arrived.

And I think that it's safe to say, I am in love with it. I could go all photographer-nerd on you right now, but I'll spare you. For today, that is. ;)

Have a very sweet weekend. I'll be busy enjoying this, relaxing with a movie or two and some yummy dinner tonight, heading off to church tomorrow morning, and finishing off the weekend with an evening with some of my very favorite people tomorrow night. Oh, fall weekends are the best, I think.




the postcard box.

I have this postcard box. It was a gift, passed down from some family a few years back. Every so often I open it, and every time, I find something new, something I hadn't seen before. It never fails, and I love this box.

Full of letters, notes, thank-you cards, postcards, etc. from literally everywhere. From cities such as London, Paris, and multiple countries throughout the world. Most are from my family to other family members. I even found a few written in my own handwriting from years ago. Some notes are handwritten in sprawling cursive, others were typed out using a typewriter.

There are menus from cafes in Paris. Letters to my great grandmother. Postcards from the same beaches where I have visited. Souvenirs, little drawings and pieces of vintage looking memories- turned- art.

Do you have something like this? A treasure form your family's past, that you never tire of looking at? I would so love to know.

By the way, today I realized my blog has reached 10,000 hits. Crazy talk, friends! I cannot believe that just about two years ago, I sat down and started this blog. It's been a place where I learn, write, and am inspired.... a creative outlet of sorts. And now 10,000 hits and 108 followers later? It's still going. Thank you. Oh, and that lovely new lens I ordered? It will be here this Saturday! Counting down the days til it arrives. :)



these days.

There are those brilliant, vibrant autumn days. The ones where everyone and everything seems just happy, happy to be alive. And then, there are those grey, brisk, chilly days where all you want to do is slip on moccasins, heat up a big cup of cider or tea, and curl up with a good book or a new magazine, or a project to work on.

I like these days almost as much as the other. Yes, I usually prefer the sunshine.... but there's something about these others. They are different, yet also beautiful in my sight. They are both crucial, almost necessary parts and pieces of fall, to me.

Which do you prefer?

Oh, and I'm really excited because I just ordered a new lens for the camera! Looking forward to its arrival in the mail sometime next week. Finally! I've had my eye on it for quite some time now.

Other little, recent happenings:

sunrise through a window // pumpkin spice frappuccino

candy corn // autumn through my window

wild berry smoothie // making some collages

as always, I'm in love with my camera :) // preview of an upcoming post

Happiest of Friday's to you! 



into the woods

I really should spend more time in there. If that's not weird. You know, just chilling in the woods by myself, nothing much. But seriously, I do love the woods bordering my house. The paths from the yard to the woods all meet at a point in the middle of the woods, far down into the forest. This intersection of sorts is where, when you look up, the trees are a canopy above you, the only sounds you hear are natural ones like birds, crickets, and leaves crunching and rustling. The light is, somehow, always perfect, glancing off the brilliantly hued leaves and the moss at the foot of the trees.

It seems that every time I'm in there, meandering, camera in hand, along those various paths, I see something I hadn't noticed before. It's really crazy what you see when you take time to look for what you might have missed.

The silence is good for me every once in a while. I'm a people person. I love being surrounded by family, by friends. But now and then, a little dose of good, old-fashioned silence is almost.... healthy. And it's rare these days, no?

So I plan on doing it more often, going into the woods. Yes, definitely doing it more often.

Enjoy your Friday, and have a happy weekend.



oh, october.

There's something about it, isn't there? It's different. It's fresh, and crisp. You feel most alive, most invigorated, when it comes around.

linking up to this photo-challenge

Of course, I'm talking about October. Easily one of my favorite months out of the twelve, my heart picks up a little bit when October rolls around. The brilliant hues of the leaves.... jewel-like tones lacing the trees, the coolness in the air that makes you huddle into your coat a little more, the prevalence of messy-buns and various  styles of boots and moccasins, and the azure blue sky whose color is unmatched. Time with friends on chilly weekends, running around yards and neighborhoods. Walking to the car and stepping in piles of crunchy leaves, breathing in the crisp air that makes you feel so.... alive. Waking up everyday is like opening another present, and finishing off the day with stargazing out your window, feeling full and thankful, is what I've come to realize is the best way to end a day.

It is my favorite season, easily. In case you couldn't already tell. Bonfires, hot apple cider, fresh apples from the orchard across the street, pumpkin candles, crunchy leaves, hoodies, chilly nights, and all the rest.... it's indescribable.

Oh, October. What would life be without you?

Happy Tuesday to you.