playing catch- up

I'm back.

And I confess. I am a terrible blogger at times. I apologize for the unannounced break this past week, but it was actually refreshing to have a breather. Catching up now on all the loveliness that I missed!

Have a beautiful + blissful summer weekend.


absence + apologies

I'm a really, really bad blogger in the summertime.

I guess I really just would rather be out in the pool, or on a swing out back, or reading a goood book instead. For sure.

So who knows when you'll hear from me next! Do tell- how's your summer been so far? SHARE THIS POST


photography: dreams

 -apologies, this post published before I meant it to! -

Have you ever seen a dream catcher? Like, one of those feathered things that hangs from your ceiling? I think of my blog as a dream-catcher of sorts sometimes. And I have a dream to share tonight.

I literally dream of becoming a professional photographer. I dream of capturing little + big moments for friends, families, seniors, couples, babies, children, anything. I love photography with a serious passion. I love capturing moments. And with a little extra time on my hands this summer, I've been dreamin' about where I want my potential career as a photographer to go. So here's to a few new dreams that I'm hanging on my dream-catcher.

  • I don't ever want to get to a point where I feel like I know it all. Ever. Because really, where can you go from there? I always want to learn. Always something new that I find that I can add to my photography, a new angle, a new perspective. Always learning, guys.
  • I think it would be cool to collect some fun, unique props. I love chalkboards and Scrabble letters especially. But I'd love to branch out and have an assortment of interesting props to choose from.
  • Natural and outdoor settings are what I prefer for shoots, for sure. But I would love to have a studio someday. Not necessarily as a place to take pictures, more as a relaxing, fun office-space where I can edit my shots, meet with clients, teach aspiring photographers, etc. The studio would be small, and cozy, but big enough for meetings with clients, especially. A desk or two. A huge iMac for editing and blogging. Some comfy chairs for chatting with people. {This girl? Kind of a people person. Can you tell?} A coffee machine. A storage area for lenses and equipment. And a display for what I'll tell you about next.
  • I want to always have a bigger picture {pun intended} behind my work. My work is not for me, it's for the One who made me and made those I'm photographing. And I always, always, want to be giving back to Him!! I dream of being able to give back at least ten percent of what I earn to help orphans. Yes, orphans. If you know me well, you know about my huge heart for the precious kiddos across the world without a family. I want my life to be characterized by mercy and grace and hope towards these sweet kids! I want all my clients to know that ten percent of what they're paying me goes directly to help those kids get food, water, medicine, education, and most importantly, a family. In my studio there would be a display with photos from trips I want to take to places like Africa, China, and Nepal, and info about what anyone can do to help fight the orphan crisis. 
  • I dream of traveling to Africa, China, Nepal, and any other place God wants me to go to photograph orphans and children up for adoption, sponsorship, etc. So many people have no clue about what situation these precious souls are in. They need to see it for themselves, and if they can't go to Africa, hey, maybe I can. This is a huge dream, but I have a big God. Amen? ♥
  • I dream of being around to photograph homecomings. Homecomings of former orphans, arriving at their forever home. Capturing those heart-wrenching first moments when they meet their forever families in the airport, or even in their home country. Guys, I have chills just typing this! Oh, and once, I heard of a photographer who provides a free photoshoot to a family who has adopted a child, as a sort of thank-you to that family and a praise to Jesus that yet another heart, a life, has been rescued from a broken life. I would just love to do that too. 
  • I want to mentor aspiring photographers. I would love to have two or three girls come hang out for a week to shadow me, and learn the basics, plus get any questions they have, answered. Frequent trips to Starbucks, heart to heart conversation, and tons of laughter would be included. ;)
  • I have a big heart for people. I want to meet with clients before the shoot to get to know them and their family before a photoshoot with them. I believe that would make them a lot more comfortable. I want to know what their family dynamics are, what kind of pictures they're looking for, and if they have any extra-special heirlooms, props, etc. that would just be the perfect touch to a photograph.
  • I want almost anyone to be able to look at my work, and know that it's mine. Does that make sense? I never want my work to be typical. I strive to find a different way of doing things, especially in art. I want my style to shine through whatever it is I do.
So, that's about it. For now. :) I absolutely cannot wait to see where God brings me on this crazy journey called photography. What do you dream of?




    I know that I said that I would be back and posting tomorrow, Monday.

    But I couldn't wait that long.

    So here are a few photos (taken with Pocketbooth on my iPod touch) from yet another road trip this past week!

    relaxing in the car, watching a movie with my little bro

    enjoying the view

    summer bracelet collection, flip flops, and messy buns. summer style, right?

    Enjoy and have a wonderful rest of your weekend, friend! SHARE THIS POST


    a recap + a break

    Hi friends. So, I've missed talking to you. Posting photographs of my life. I miss it! I just got back from a photography camp in Tennessee, for a whole week. I learned so much, and loved it. There's so much I want to tell you, but honestly I need a break. I'm exhausted, and so I'll be back Monday to post photos from the week and get caught up. Until then, have an amazing week! SHARE THIS POST


    friday assortment: design inspiration

    I love interior design. A room has so much potential, and can really reflect the owner's personality. Wouldn't you agree?
    I love yellow. And surprisingly, it looks pretty paired with that pink chair. 

    Seriously, who wouldn't want this in their house?!

    Mix-matched can be pretty.

    Probably my favorite today. Beautiful, no?

    Happy Friday!