photography: my journey {so far}

I don't know when I took my first picture, but I remember always absolutely loving to take pictures.

I got my first camera when I was in elementary school. Before that it had just been those disposable film ones you'd take on vacation... and seriously, I adored those. I took pictures of everything. My grandparents' car. The beach. Our swingset. Looking back, those pictures are funny to me, and I get a kick out of once more seeing things the way I saw them then. 

Eventually, I wanted to experiment a bit more. And so, I got my first digital camera for my thirteenth birthday.

I love this thing. So much. I learned with it... about seeing things differently. About capturing that. About how God is crazy creative. About myself. I found a part of myself with that little, purple Nikon Coolpix.

Recently, I got a "big camera", my Canon Rebel T1i. I am still trying to figure out what all the buttons are for. ;) But I love it, and God is expanding my passion for capturing the way I see things with this camera. I feel so blessed.

I love, love, love to take pictures. There are entirely too many reasons why. There's the basics... capturing memories and moments with family and friends. But for me there are some deeper reasons, I've realized. 

Photography to me is about seeing things differently than the rest of the world, capturing that, then showing other people how you see what they see differently. 

There are some things that I notice and think are beautiful, that others might not... like a certain rock, or a texture in wood, or a stray cloud. I strive to help people find the beauty in the ordinary. I'm constantly searching for it.

The bottom line? God is immensely creative, and I absolutely love capturing what He has created. 

I know I will always be a photographer at heart. I'd love to pursure becoming a professional, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. :) For now, I'm content to learn from people who are much more amazing than I, soak up life, and take many, many pictures along the way. I love photography dearly, and can't wait to see how God uses it in my life. 



black + white

I have always loved black and white photography. While I adore capturing a photo that is bursting at the seams with color and light, there's something about a black and white photograph that takes even the littlest moment, and turns it into art. It's dramatic. It's bold. But it's also potentially soft and quiet.

A black and white photo minimizes distractions, I think. When there's absolutely no color in a photograph, the viewer has no choice but to take a closer look at what the photograph is actually of.

The petals of a flower become more defined.

The droplets of water are noticed.

It's good to take a step back and look carefully at life sometimes.

Which do you prefer, color photography or black + white photography? For me, there's a time and a place for both. They each serve unique purposes.

There's a reason God gave us color in life. Life would be boring if everything was always seen in black and white. But there's a time for it too.

I cannot wait to tell you about what I'm doing this week! But it can wait. Just know that posts will be scarce this week. Hope your week's off to a very good start. 



friday assortment: country life

I live out in the country.


And I love living out in the country.

There's something about being away from it all. Not having a next door neighbor so close you could practically reach out and touch their house from your bedroom. It's peaceful, and let me tell you, it's lovely.



Granted, I don't have little sheep, pigs, and ducks running around the place.


I wish I had a clothesline to hang my laundry on. Maybe someday.


I've never hung lanterns from tree branches.


And gosh I wish I had a yellow bicycle.

But I love it. I love country life. And someday I will do and have every one of those things I mentioned.

Happy Friday friends!




Confession. I wonder sometimes about this little blog, here. You see, sometimes I do wonder if it really is me, or if it's someone else I'm showing to the world. And I don't really think that I am myself on here a hundred percent of the time. I use words I um, never use in normal conversation. I do not even particularly like using that fancy vocabulary. :) I'm a typical person. And there's a time and a place for those words. It's not always here.

Confession. I feel guilty spending my own money at Starbucks. I basically feel guilty unless I have a gift card. Ha! It just seems like so many people have so little in life, and here I am waiting in line at the single most expensive coffeeshop in town, trying to decide if I should order a double chocolate chip frappuccino or a vanilla bean frappuccino. It's almost ridiculous.

Confession. This summer, I have straightened my hair approximately, well, twice. I have perfected the messy bun, people. Now that's what I call summer style.

Confession. I have a new-found love for gardening. I'm taking care of someone's plants while they're away. And I actually like it. The methodical drip, drop of the water going into the pot is almost....soothing. I like it.

Confession. I have started, and stopped, and started again, with the whole project 365 idea. So, I'm going to start again, but with a more....manageable goal. :) It is a thirty day challenge this time. I think I can handle it. Want to join in? Take a look here.

Do you have any confessions you want to share today? Have a beautiful day!

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iheartfaces | | let’s hear it for the boys!

This week's challenge over at i Heart Faces is "let's hear it for the boys". And so, here is my entry- I did a shoot with my little bro.

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

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friday assortment: paris

If there's one place I want to go simply for fun, it's Paris, France. Oh my sweet goodness, yes.




This is Lovers Bridge in Paris. Couples attach padlocks the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, and then toss the keys into the Seine river below. Such a sweet idea!

Paris + Balloons = Perfection.


Of course if I had the choice, I'd rather go to Africa or China, to an orphanage or something for a while. But Paris is another city I dream of visiting. Where would you go if you could?


a challenge

I'm entering a few photo challenges today.... trying to expand my photography and challenge myself. So! Here you have it.


                                                  Blogging from Bolivia

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no words necessary.

While I dream of being a photographer, capturing moments for families, couples, seniors, newborns and more, I know that that nature photography will always have a special place in my heart.

These don't need my words to describe their beauty. I don't need to go on and on aimlessly about the warmth of the sun streaming through the boughs of a tree. They can speak for themselves.

Happy Thursday.



iheartfaces | | bright and vivid

This week's challenge at i Heart Faces is bright and vivid

I captured this shot at the lake. My sweet Mom and Dad were walking together, and the bright, colorful hues of summer frame them in this picture. They are the best, for real.

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

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dear summer

Dear Summer,

I am so happy that you are here. Correction- beyond happy. Because now that you're here, a time of intense relaxation (is that an oxymoron.......?) has set in. I wake up refreshed instead of exhausted in the mornings, and stay up later than I should at night. I have time on my side. Time. Time to read. I have been positively devouring books these days, thanks to you. Time to swim and laugh with friends. Time to write. Time to photograph. I like having time.

Summer, free time means that sometimes, you'll get a wonderful idea that simply has to be set in motion. As in, immediately. And we did that this weekend.

An impromptu picnic at the lake was the perfect change in pace after a sweet, but busy, week of summer. Sometimes I'm....afraid of change. I tend to dread it, because it means one thing: adjustment. But change can be oh so good! And this weekend, it was.

A change in pace. A change in scenery. A change in location- which ushers in some photography inspiration. {Take a peek at the pictures that are, in essence, summer, to me.... right here.)

Summer, I love you because you give me time to breathe. To just be. Be by myself, be with my family, or with my amazing friends.... I adore and treasure this time. I plan on soaking it in big time.... not letting a moment go to waste.

I love you summer.

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Excellence is something that my parents have always encouraged, sometimes even gently pushed, my brother and I to strive for. To be truly good at whatever we do. Going the extra mile, if you will. Doing that little extra that pushes you out from the crowd. And you know what? It works. It's noticed. And you feel better because you know deep down that what you just did is different. It's better than what would've been expected or accepted.

It's the approach I'm applying to my photography. I am an artist; my art is photography. Instead of sculpting with clay and creating a piece of pottery, I sculpt with perspective. Natural light. Color. And I create a photograph.

And so, as with anything else that I do, I strive for absolute excellence in my work. I want my work to stand out, just like I want my life to stand out in this world. I use so much light in my photography, and I want His light, Jesus' light, to shine just as brightly as the golden sunshine in my photographs. I want to shine through my work. I long to take pictures that display the creativity, wonder, and glory of my Lord. That's the reason I do it. 

Inspired by carlotta, kristen, and others, I renewed my commitment to photography. Good, standout photography. I will:

Strive for excellent work.

Have an open mind.

Be myself in my art.

Be unique.

Stay positive, and enjoy what I do.

And always keep Jesus at the center of my work.

What do you strive for?