oh hey.

Oh hey.

Look at this cutie... she just wanted to drop by and say "hey' today. Isn't she a sweetheart? 

That's all for now... just saying a quick hi. Have a lovely day....



st. louis, part {2.}

One of the first things we did in St. Louis was go to Fitz's. In a nutshell, it's a one of a kind restaurant that makes their own soda. Their root beer is unbeatable, let me tell you that!

We also headed to the zoo, like I mentioned in my last post. My sweet friend H and I loved the red panda... :) And the penguins were pretty cute too.

But I had a great time capturing the little signs of spring around the zoo. Take a peek, will you?

Plus, I got to bring my new camera along.
do you have any idea just how many of these pictures I have taken since I got my camera?
All in all, we had a fantastic time with incredible friends. Did you have a good spring break?



st. louis, part {1.}

Oh, these photos just make me smile. We were in St. Louis for a few days of spring break with some amazing friends, and one of the places we stopped by was the zoo. Let me tell you something- there are flowers blooming in St. Louis. No joke... here's proof.

Isn't God so creative?! Seriously... just look at that flower.

Okay, I'll admit that a few of these are from the indoor butterfly room at the zoo... but not many of them. The trees are colorful, bursting open with cheerful blooms, and I was ecstatic as I zoomed in on each and every one. It was so nice to have a change of scenery, and to be able to add some more color to my shots.

Let's hope these are all still blooming away... after we left, they got five inches of snow in St. Louis. Yikes...

Hope your Monday's off to a good start!!



camera love ♥

Life with my new camera is good. It is incredible, this thing!!

I love the way it composes each shot...

the macro...

the bokeh...

the attention to detail... Yeah, it's awesome.

Many, many more to come- we were in St. Louis with amazing friends of ours for part of spring break, and there's not much left in that city that I didn't photograph. :) And I can't wait to share the results. Have a great weekend friends!! SHARE THIS POST


friday's inspiration

Stopping in for a very quick post today!! Here's a little inspiration for your Friday. Wouldn't you love to work here? I know I would.

image via cocoa & hearts



I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!!

Quick- name the source of that quote!! 

Remember when I said I had an announcement? Well, here it is.

That's right... I got my very first DSLR. Oh my word, I am so excited. It is a Canon Rebel T1i. I opened it last night, and it was love at first sight. This thing can't take a bad picture. I'm pretty sure it's impossible, actually. The ability to focus it manually is incredible, the bokeh and macro are perfect, and it's just amazing. I will still use my little point and shoot for a lot, I'm sure, because there are some things that I'll prefer about that, but I am so excited to take this next step in photography!!

Last night, I was taking pictures until I could barely see outside. And then, this morning, I was up at 7:40 am ready to go again. I even went outside with it without eating breakfast first. A miracle in and of itself!! Ha. I walked for at least a half hour with it, learning how it worked, how to get it to focus right, and just getting to know the camera. Needless to say, over a hundred pictures later, I'm happy.

So, I am excited! Just wanted to let you all know! :) Have a great Wednesday. I'll post more pictures soon.

PS- The quote is from Elf. Funniest movie ever. 



thanks for the show.

The sun beckoned me and my camera outside last night. The light was perfect.

My favorite time of day to take pictures is late-afternoon, when the sun starts to dip down a bit. It's a lot like early mornings too, but let's face it. It's early.

Thanks for the show, sun. Or I guess I should be thanking God for the show.

I don't know what these are {above}, but aren't they unique? I love the contrast of the blue sky and their star-shapes. 

I have an "announcement" for sorts to make sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. It has to do with photography, and my camera. :) That's all the hints for now, but it will suffice to say that I am incredibly excited. How's that? 

Enjoy your Monday!



current love: Polaroids

Have I ever mentioned that I love Polaroids?

Oh yeah, I did here. Forgot about that.

But really, I do. I would love to own one someday. It's a little dream of mine.

In fact, I love Polaroids so much that I created a header in that style. Only, you won't get the full effect yet, as I am experiencing some "technical difficulties". I've never had this happen before, but the header should go all the way over to the "aspirations" tab, but it stops awkwardly right in the middle. Does anyone have the slightest clue why?! Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow.

So. That's my current love- Polaroids. What's yours? SHARE THIS POST


saturday's ramblings

Yesterday. Wow, what a great experience it was! For Japan with Love raised over $47,000 for the cause. THANK YOU! That is incredible. And it was a blessing for me, too, to be off my blog for a day. Very refreshing! Did you participate?

Photo Challenges. I have a few to catch up on. Here we go...


"straight out of camera"

"edited version"

Do Visit...{this blog}. I'm loving it.

It's Spring... Almost! Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Did anyone else realize this? I am beyond ready. Here it is gorgeous. The sunlight is streaming in through the windows, there's a slight breeze, and you can bet that this girl will be wearing a short- sleeved top today. :) And even better? Spring rain is in the forecast for this week. I love the rain.

Is spring showing up yet where you live?



for japan with love

I still can't believe what's going on in Japan right now. And like I've said before, I feel a bit helpless on what I should be doing.

But here's an answer to that thought... tomorrow I won't be posting whatsoever on my blog to remind myself to pray for people in Japan. They are hurting right now, big time. And they need all the help they can get. Here's one way we can make a difference. It's just a drop in the bucket, but every single teeny tiny bit helps.

 So, with that being said, I'd love for every one of my readers to participate too! Wouldn't it be incredible? Click on the badge above to donate and participate in the day of silence for Japan.

For Japan, With Love.

- C

a different beat {or, the brace post, part two.}

It's here. The brace post, part two.

So here's the news. I'm launching a little "campaign" dubbed Moving to a Different Beat. Because that's exactly what I've chosen, am choosing, and will always choose to do when a storm comes in my life. Honestly, when a storm comes, you have two choices. 

{1.} Wait for it to pass and for the puddles, what's been left behind, to disappear.


{2.} Dance in the rain and, somehow, enjoy it, even though it's hard.

Take a guess, why don't you, at which of those I've chosen to do?

You got it. This girl's been doing a lot of dancing lately. 

I'm moving to a different beat... I'm choosing something different. See, I could either wait for my time in this thing to be over, or I could do something with it. 

If you're going through something too, whether it's scoliosis or something else, leave a comment on this page. What's your story? We all have one. Also grab the button at the top of this post.. just copy and paste it into your sidebar, and be sure to link to this page. And even if you're not going through something really hard, but are standing out in some way and going against the current, that "counts" too. :) I want as many people as humanly possible to move to a different beat when they see those storm clouds rolling in. 

Let's invite other people to dance in the rain, shall we?



tuesday's inspiration: polyvore

I really love Polyvore. I discovered it some time ago, and recently have had a bit more time to experiment with it. These are a few of my most recent sets.
spring blossoms.
I love the colors in this one! The red and yellow really pop, and the belt and sandals, being of the same material, add some substance.
the weekender
Anyone notice the shoes in this one? They're actually Toms! I love Toms so much, and can't wait to get some... hopefully later this spring. And that necklace? Perfection.
vintage chic
My favorite part about this outfit is the bracelet. Wait, maybe the shoes. And the bag... 
simply classy
I adore ruffles. Especially on a simple white shirt, paired with light jeans and a fun, colorful clutch. This outfit is definitely something I'd love to wear.
be you.
This girl loves a good scarf. I have too many. Well, I guess you can't have to many... can you? :)
stand out
There's just something about a navy dress and a bright yellow accessory. It's fantastic.

That's what I've got for today! To see some more of my sets, click here.

 What's inspiring you lately?

PS: Be sure to enter this giveaway! Simply lovely.


infusing some cuteness into your monday...

Like I said before, we had family in last weekend. She's always ready to smile for my camera... or come up with some more dramatic post! ;)  Look at this sweet face!!

She loves this hat with the big, bold flower on it. So do I.

Man, she is cute.

This pose was her idea:

I love the various textures in it... the tree behind her, the flower on the hat, and finally the white barn she's leaning up against.

Have a lovely Monday!!


for peace.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the crazy earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and other places on the planet today. It's heartbreaking to think of the lives lost because of them.

And then it hit me. Here I am, sitting with my own laptop, in my house, with my family, sipping peach tea from a thermos. And yet, there are people who, because of today, will be without all of their belongings.

But there are people whose homes have been destroyed today.

There will be many more orphans after today. Families have been changed, most likely for the worst.

And forget about the tea... they might not even have food or clean water because of today.

And yet, here we are. In our homes. With our families. With our food and clean water. I don't know where I fit in when it comes to helping to restore Japan and the other places hit by this earthquake... for now we can only pray. Pray that people would be filled with a sense of hope in the midst of it all. Pray that God would give people a peace that surpasses all understanding. Yeah, especially for peace. Because I can guarantee that there's not a lot of peace in Japan at the moment.

Pray for peace. SHARE THIS POST


awkward and awesome thursday

Okay, I just had to do it. I've never joined in on Awkward and Awesome Thursdays before, but since it's Thursday... and I can be an awkward person... well, I decided to join today. :)


- Hitting yourself in the head with a hairdryer. Uhh... ouch.

- Earlier today, I was watching American Idol, and realized that I didn't remember which band Steven Tyler is from. I proceeded to ask my brother... and received a blank look, which could be translated as "You really should know that..." Now I feel better about myself since I know which band it is... but it was a rather awkward moment, you know? Anyone? Moving on.

- (and awesome...) Remember when I said we had family coming in for last weekend? Well, sweet K told my mom that when she grows up, she should become a chef. I love that girl.


- These shoes. I've worn them waaaay too much this winter...but they're so warm and go with almost anything. But they're pretty worn out, so I'm off to the mall for some new shoes this weekend. Not that I'm complaining. ;)

This shop. I think I'm in love.

- I designed a new blog button the other day! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Feel free to grab it on my sidebar!
A Stitch in Time

-Spring is coming. I could not be happier about that.

- This button (below)! So cute... and perfect for the job. Click on it to read more awkward and awesome moments from other bloggers!