December is tradition. Decorations we have had for years are now perched on their usual places, our favorite Christmas music is almost always playing, and plans have been made for some serious Christmas cookie baking over the upcoming break.

December is anticipation. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first real snowfall. So far, only flurries have appeared.... and that first snowfall is so pure, so special, and has always has occupied a special place in my heart.

December is newness. Adding to tradition is also a good thing.... I am going Christmas caroling for the very first time ever this coming weekend, and could. not. be. more. excited. Afterwards comes the annual Christmas concert at our church, another favorite occurrence of mine.Trying new things, simple though they may be, keeps life full and exciting-- especially when it comes in the form of new peppermint tea as a sweet surprise from my equally sweet mother. {She knows me well.}


December is decisions. I love finding, buying, and wrapping {especially this part!} gifts for those I love. I toss ideas back and forth in my head, weighing options until I stumble upon that perfect gift. I kind of like love gift-giving.

December is inspiration. It is combing through magazines and lookbooks with a mug of steaming cocoa, finding new decorating ideas, cookie recipes, and ideas for the season. And yes, I am most definitely a nerd because I like these things. ;)

December is music. Oh, yes. I always have some playing. My current favorite is the first on this list.... it never fails, I tear up every time I hear it. The tenderness with which Mary's thoughts are portrayed is nothing short of beautiful. More to come on this.
be born in me (mary) // francesca battistelli
hallelujah (light has come) // barlowgirl
o come all ye faithful // amy grant
winter snow // audrey assad
he has come for us // merideth andrews
you're here // francesca battistelli
silver bells // reliant k

December is joy. Taking time to slow down and smile at those little things, laughing about nothing with best friends, and spending lots of time with family. I so like this season.

What is December to you?



  1. december is all these things to me + the anticipation of turning a new age. beautiful, beauitful post. just spectacular.
    -jocee <3

  2. I December and your list highlights some of my favorites. What a blessing. Love the lights that you have photographed here.

  3. so beautiful, girl! I love your bokeh pictures, and the music playlist sounds just perfect :)

  4. Oh how I needed to read this today! I really needed an attitude adjustment. Thank-you.

  5. i love your new design, and the bokeh!!

  6. bokeh. <3<3<3 december. <3<3<3 this post. <3<3<3 new design <3<3<3. that's an awful lot of hearts. :D