thankful heart.

I'm thankful for life, and so much in it.
for friends I've grown up with, and for new ones.
the fact that we'll be decorating the house for Christmas in a matter of days.
warm soup on cold days.
weekends full of getting to know Jesus better, laughing, hot cocoa, and little sleep.
moccasins. let's be honest, I bought two pairs this year.
our first fire in the fireplace a few nights ago. finally.
sunrises, sunsets, + stars. the sky fascinates me.
running into friends in unexpected places.
family, and the soon arrival of some.
teaching sunday school. these kids are hilarious, and have entirely too much energy for their own good.
vanilla tea. amen and amen.
psalm 37. you should read it.
salted caramel chocolate frappuccinos at starbucks. new favorite. 
gungor's newest cd. on repeat.
the fact that I got to wear my new winter coat this week. call me crazy, but I love the cold. 
leg warmers, tucked into boots, they are the perfect finishing touch on a brisk day.
you . my sweet readers. 112 {official} followers. thank you so, so much.
I have a thankful heart today. anything on your mind this sunday afternoon?




  1. Mm, salted caramel fappuccinos sound delish. Must try. Today I am thankful for test study books (lame, I know) and for inspiration. :) And always family.

  2. Christmas decorations. my favorite.
    beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I'm sorry, you had me at salted caramel chocolate frappuccino. I will have to try that for sure!

  4. Salted caramel chocolate frappuccino?
    I am moving to America. For Starbucks.
    I am always thankful for family, always, and for good books and for discussions with real-life friends about manual focus and for radiators at lunchtime and for the way the leaves have dried out and aren't a safety hazard anymore.