Simplify. It's a word that has been coursing through my mind lately. I've become tired of the hurry-hurry, rush-rush, accumulate-as-much and do-as-much-as-you-can mentality of culture, and found that I had somehow adopted some of those thoughts and habits as my own. No, this is not okay.

I came across this little bit of wisdom recently: Get rid of anything that is neither beautiful nor useful in your life. Over the past few weeks I've been turning it over in my mind, working out how it relates to my life. And, I have taken steps to begin simplifying things. I deleted my Twitter account on Sunday. I had been meaning to do it for a while, but couldn't make myself actually do it. I realized how attached I had become to it, without even realizing it. And I logged on and deleted it immediately. Gone. Done. Simplified.

Just to give myself time to breathe, be inspired, and think this week before the lovely, joy-infused days that together spell out next week's holidays arrive, I'm taking about a week off from blogging. My laptop will be sitting at the desk, but Blogger will be logged out of, the Twitter has been deleted, Facebook will be very quiet, Pinterest very silent, and quite frankly I cannot wait. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, but I need this break, badly.

Please realize, I'm not saying that everyone should instantly go delete their Twitter account. I love Twitter! My problem was, I loved it too much. So. Join me in simplifying? Look for a new Kaleidoscope Project post sometime next week. See you then.




  1. beautiful post, dearheart. i may take you up on the simplifying. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. those this! I did the same not too long ago; a great way to clear your head and become inspired. enjoy your time off boo (:

  3. This is an amazing post- love it.x

  4. You're totally right--too often, seemingly innocent and maybe even worthwhile things begin to take over our lives, and sometimes the only remedy is to remove them. I've had to do that with many things, especially websites, recently.