kaleidoscope of ordinary

The everyday can, at times, really become just that: the everyday. Mundane. Daily. Typical. Normal. Yet I think that there is some beauty to be found in the everyday, in this ordinary that we are immersed in on a daily basis.

I have set out to uncover that beauty, chipping away at my days until something beautifully ordinary is revealed. Because, though it may sound a trifle chiche since so many have said it before, it is the littlest of things that add up to the big things.

seriously. how could I put this in black and white? // sunrise

This project is entitled "kaleidescope of ordinary". a. because that is what it is -- shards of ordinary that, pieced together, form this fragile, lovely thing we like to call life. and, b. because I quite like the word "kaleidoscope". Just being honest. ;) This project has a lifestyle/ photojournalistic approach, and most photographs, I'm thinking will be posted in black and white. Color, I feel, could in this case potentially distract from the photograph. Plus, it's a good excuse to post a whole batch of black and white photos, no?

                                    I love my tea // art class

fernweh: farsickness. // more to come

I seek to grow through this project. Expanding my photography is hopefully the outcome, but also, I have some hopes for it aside from that.

oh hi there, sweet girl. // little one

Truly, I hope that you, along with me, will come to realize more fully the beauty that is our lives through this endeavor of mine. The dailiness, the overlooked, the un-noticed. It's all there, waiting for us to stop and say, "Hmm. Yes, that, now that, is something truly incredible." Small, yes. To be sure. But big, as well -- in a different way. It is there.

I love this thing.  // happy weekending 


>> thoughts on the new design? it was long overdue. :)



  1. this is so, so beautiful. especially that first photo...those colors slay me. and I love the new design, chica! so pretty. xo.

  2. this is beautiful, girl! :) and your new design is lovely!

  3. I love this! and the design is gorgeous.

  4. ohh, I love your project idea already. and your photographs are marvelous. b&w photos have such a real and dramatic element to them.
    your design is so pretty. love it!

  5. Adorable photos and I love the new design!

  6. i want to do this. how fun :))
    -jocee <3

  7. mm, I love the third photo. The concept of fernweh has a special meaning to me.

  8. Cute pics!!

  9. I just found your blog, Caitlin, and I must say, I am seriously head-over-heels after 2 minutes. You're design is just darling, your simple, beautiful photographs are stunning, and your writing is so lovely!

  10. Wow, beautiful photos!! Love the way you work with light.