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>> So, about that break. It was good. Uh, hello, understatement. I feel refreshed, and ready to begin again. Ready to continue with posts that are actually at the caliber and quality that I would like and strive for. Ready for better work, new ideas, more beginnings, and so on + so forth. Have I ever said that I like beginnings?

>> Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching (one more day!). I'm ready for that, too. And yes, that was another understatement. I'm so looking forward to days with more than a little extra time to do some of what I love. To laugh, and visit with family. To cook + bake (and sample....wink wink) incredible holiday food. To get lost in a good book, experiment artistically, and yes, photograph my life somewhere in the midst of all this crazy sort of beauty we like to call "life".

>> I make lists.... a lot of them, and frequently. This is Thanksgiving Break, The List. Because it deserves to be capitalized, no?

cook something new
rewatch a favorite movie {or five}
make a list of activities other than tv and internet, and pick one
start a new project, or finish an old one
pick up a book you've been meaning to read, and read five pages
practice some neat, cursive penmanship
make a cd mix // playlist for the current season {this will be done on the day after thanksgiving, when I officially allow myself to listen to Christmas music}
pay someone a compliment as soon as you think of it
call somebody who you know would appreciate it
decorate for Christmas {and look at this for inspiration}
mini family photoshoot
have a sleepover, complete with movies, popcorn, brownies + cocoa with visiting family and the little brother
spend some extra time with Jesus

>> In other news, I tweaked the blog design a bit. Again. ;) Thoughts? Oh, and your every-so-often fix of Instagram via me:



>> Have a wonderful few days until an extra long weekend, friends. So happy to be back.




  1. such beautiful words, caitlin. and your new design is amazing. i'm loving all of these: << >> :P :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I think I love every single design you do. and the photos? lovely.
    111 followers, that's a good number :)

  3. why yes, beginnings = the best :)
    and I'm still in love with your photographs!

  4. List= love. New beginnings= love. Pictures= love. New design= love.
    Gosh, I love your blog; thought you should know (:

  5. gorgeous pictures! They totally capture the essence of fall :) Oh lists... I love yours. maybe I should go write one myself :) I love making lists..


  6. oh this was just so lovely. I love the design, and your list (taking no electronic time and just picking up a good ol' book is such a good thing).

  7. I love that list. Just picking up a book... Perfect.