the postcard box.

I have this postcard box. It was a gift, passed down from some family a few years back. Every so often I open it, and every time, I find something new, something I hadn't seen before. It never fails, and I love this box.

Full of letters, notes, thank-you cards, postcards, etc. from literally everywhere. From cities such as London, Paris, and multiple countries throughout the world. Most are from my family to other family members. I even found a few written in my own handwriting from years ago. Some notes are handwritten in sprawling cursive, others were typed out using a typewriter.

There are menus from cafes in Paris. Letters to my great grandmother. Postcards from the same beaches where I have visited. Souvenirs, little drawings and pieces of vintage looking memories- turned- art.

Do you have something like this? A treasure form your family's past, that you never tire of looking at? I would so love to know.

By the way, today I realized my blog has reached 10,000 hits. Crazy talk, friends! I cannot believe that just about two years ago, I sat down and started this blog. It's been a place where I learn, write, and am inspired.... a creative outlet of sorts. And now 10,000 hits and 108 followers later? It's still going. Thank you. Oh, and that lovely new lens I ordered? It will be here this Saturday! Counting down the days til it arrives. :)



  1. i have something like this. except it's not really a family heirloom or anything. my mom has a travel scrapbook, with pictures and postcards and even English dollars and French coins and such. i would've gone with her, except that was in the 1980's and i obviously wasn't even thought of yet. but every time i open it, i get a new case of wanderlust. this was a great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. wow. that is co special. my mom has some similar things - a binders stuffed with typed and handwritten recipes, and a scrapbook of my grandparent's photos, birth certificates, etc. It's so fun to look at! :)

  3. this is so special. I don't have anything like that, but I have a box full of letters and postcards from my penpals. I do, however, have a jar full of money (coins and bills) from everywhere around the world. It's special to me.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have something of my families from generations past to pass down to my kids one day, something like this. Post cards are so sweet, simple and yet we don't send enough of them now a days.

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a box of cards & letters from the 4 and a half years me and my boyfriend have been together, and when we get married and have kids one day {God willing} ... I want to pass it down to them when we're alot older. Hopefully they will appreciate as much as you appreciate yours ... :)

  5. wow! that is so neat! I often dream of finding somthing like that someday, but I do have a letter from the 1800's I purchased a long time ago, and I am accumulating my own collection for generations to come. ;)

  6. beautiful! So special. And these pictures were gorgeous as well ;)

  7. this is beautiful, and i love the pictures. i have special postcards/letters as well; they mean so much (:

  8. So basically, this post is lovely. And I'm rather jealous of your postcard box. That is so spectacular.

    I have a box where I've kept all of my hand-written letters from years past...maybe it should become a family heirloom?

    For some reason, I feel as if I've visited your blog before--but I have no idea why I didn't follow before! Your little nook of the internet is darling, my friend.

  9. I LOVE old letters/postcards/stamps and the like. So happy-one-year-blogging! 10,000 hits??? That's pretty awesome! (and so is your blog!)

  10. WOW this is probably one of the COOOOLEST family heirlooms i've ever seen! i should start up something like this for the generations to come. :) thanks for sharing!