on authenticity.

au . then . tic [aw-then-tik]
not false or copied; genuine; real*

I have something that's been weighing a bit on me, on my heart. There is so much falseness in the world. So much fake. The world needs a few people who fit that description, in the definition above.

I have been thinking about what I want to be known as. More on that another day, but I realized that one of the biggest things I want to be known as is a real, genuine person.... an authentic person. One who doesn't pretend. Who isn't shy with or ashamed about who she is, the real version of herself, but is totally okay with herself, how she looks, and who she is. And so, I started thinking.

I am and aspire to be many things.
I have a whole bunch of freckles.
and I actually like them, thank you.
I have thick, curly-ish hair.
oftentimes it's twisted into a messy bun.
I take pictures. a lot. photography is my main passion. 
well, besides Jesus, of course.
He is my Strength and my Song. my King and my Savior.
I adore art. 
stubborn, passionate, and loving. that would be me.
oh, and the stubborn part. proof? my first word was "no".
I'm outside a lot. 
I like to run. 
disclaimer: after about a mile, I'm pretty much done. :)
besides running, I'm horribly un-athletic. I'm fine watching a game on television or in the bleachers, please and thank you.
breath fresh air.
meander through the woods.
I like some vintage, old things.
like journals, books, jewelry, etc. especially cameras.
but antique dolls freak me out.
{ it's those beady eyes, I'm sure.}
autumn is by far my absolute favorite season. 
the smells.
the tastes.
wearing moccasins + boots.
oh, and scarves.
I like it all.
slightly obsessed with sock monkeys + owls. they are the cutest. 
I've always loved to write.
I love life, and I live it to the full { john 10:10b }. or at least, I try my very best.
you might say that I'm a nerd, but that's okay, 'cause I'd agree with you. I love a good book. 
I love my friends and my family more than any of them could ever know.
especially my small group from my church and the friends I've literally grown up with. 
they're the best, ever. 
baking is better than cooking in my book.
I am fascinated by stars and the One who dropped them each into place.
yoga { not the creepy "ommmm" kind, trust me, please.... } is awesome.
I kind of like ice cream.
okay, a lot.
and coffee + tea.
don't even get me started on Starbucks.
I will own a red mini cooper convertible one day. and don't you forget it!
I despise snakes. 
I'm almost always cold.
I love rollercoasters.
and the rain.
and sunflowers.
for real? I can't roast a marshmallow without catching it on fire to save my life.
pretty sure I'll end up in Africa someday, adopting a kid or two. 
probably China too.
and maybe Nepal?
I almost always have music playing.
you could say that it drives people a little crazy, especially since some days, I listen to the same song over and over.
and how could I forget? I laugh, a lot. easily.
I am ok with this.
actually, with all of it.

So there. That's me, the gist of it. Take it or leave it, this is me. Being known as an authentic person is something I really hope for.

Have a great day. xoxo.

*definition found using the free Dictionary app


  1. Well hello, Caitlin. (: It's wonderful to meet you.

    No seriously, this was lovely, and it's cool that you can "summarize" yourself, and are good with it all. I love when people are okay with being authentic. I may have to do this on my blog someday... (:

  2. i was absolutely going to do a post like this and you took the words right out of my mouth. other than the fact that we are so alike, you are such a genuine...you, that it's refreshing, actually. so many people out there {not just teenagers} are conforming to the world's lifestyle, and it's driving me nuts. yeah, it's there decision, but why not live without people judging their every step? i love living without a care about what someone thinks of me. this was a beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I love this. It's wonderful to see someone who is okay (and happy) with who she is, and it's all because of Jesus.
    Amazing post.