I live for this.

Long walks are my favorite. Especially in the fall.

So, I took one yesterday morning. A really, really long one, not rushed, not planned, just enjoyed. I realized again that fall, is, in fact, here. 

And I fell in love with my favorite season yet again.

Not many words on this Sunday afternoon. Just a happy, full heart after a morning at church.... teaching Sunday school to a group of absolutely precious kiddos, catching up with sweet friends, worshiping Jesus, you know. Sunday things like that. Off to have dinner with more of those sweet friends soon, which means I'll laugh more than I have all week and come home tired, cold from being outside, and smiling. 

Life? Not bad right now. Not bad at all.

Have a perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon, friend.

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  1. Great post!! And I love the last photo. So meaningful, so true :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. that last picture just gets me; everything I love about fall!

    lovely post! ♥

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  4. caitlin this post made me all sorts of happy :) I'm so glad that you took that spontaneous, long walk. you captured such lovely photos!! and yes, fall is finally here...and i love it! Sound like you had a fantastic Sunday. that my favorite day of the week :)

    and thank you so so much for your sweet comment about our exciting news! <3

  5. love the fall pictures! you really are talented girl! keep it up!