hello, beach {part i}

I'm inspired by this blogger's rededication to truly good blogging. And I'm with her. I'm striving to put more of me into each post, working until it looks and sounds just how I like. As she said, it's hard work. But it'll be worth it. It'll be worth all the editing and retyping of sentences, the pushing to take better photographs {though I don't take photographs because I blog; I blog because I take photographs}, and creating good content that I can take a healthy pride in. Oh, and by the way, hey there, September!

I can't think of a better way to start off this new journey than filling you in, per se, on my vacation. Guys, it was so good. I simply adore spending time with family that I only get to see once to three or four times a year. It's precious, and invaluable. Because it's so precious to me, I absorb as much of it as I can through my camera lens, bottling up each moment I don't want to forget. And so I end up with over 450 photos to edit. Wonderful. ;) Ahh, but isn't of editing worth remembering times with you don't want to forget? Um, I think so.

I love flying on airplanes. And for the first time, I brought my DSLR with me, and snapped away as we soared over fluffy clouds.

Okay, confession time. I pray over cities and houses as I fly over them. Have you ever done that? It totally blows me away that my God knows each.and.every. minute, seemingly unimportant detail in every single person's life. And you're reminded as you fly over towns covered with homes that there's a lot of life out there. God is so amazing. {Hello, understatement?!}

Life is good. It's almost always good at the beach. Well.... kind of. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know we were there for the hurricane this past weekend. It was crazy. I'm talking about having five or six tornado warnings over the course of one day, more rain than I had ever seen in my life, and howling winds. But trust me, before it hit, we got in a beach day or two. Hello, beach.

There's something about the beach, isn't there? Something invigorating yet calming at the same time. I've always loved the ocean.

The salt air. The ocean spray. The warm sand. The colorful umbrellas. I love it all.

Thus began our vacation. More to come, friend!

Have a happy Thursday. Xo!



  1. Ooh, the airplane picture is so pretty! Can't wait for more :)

  2. So glad you're back, darling!! Great post, and I just adore those photos :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. thanks jocee and mary ann! :)

  4. absolutely gorgeous pictures!! Oh and I am so inspired by your praying for towns as you fly over! that is totally cool!

  5. Oh wow...I will be flying next week for the first time since having my DSLR. I want to take pictures of the clouds too! And wow...I love that you pray over cities as you're flying over them. What a beautiful, missional heart.


  6. Wow! You had a heap of fun didn't you?

    Your photography is pretty, darn, awesome ya know?

    Keep it up!