hello beach {part ii}

It was the morning after the hurricane, and we were all restless from being inside a house for two days straight. We donned sweatshirts and flip flops. I shouldered my camera bag. We drove to the beach.

I'm telling you, we shot from that car like we'd been locked in for days. The beach was lined with people looking at the damage from the storm. The waves we saw crashing to the shoreline were enormous. The foamy water was freezing cold as it met out bare toes, and it yielded so many treasures.



And yeah, that's a crab. {He's alive. I promise.}

Tide pools held shells like you wouldn't believe. I saw the shadow of something bluish-green in the pool. Sweet "K" pulled it out, and look at what we found:

It's a beautiful conch shell. Would you look at this?! The inside is a deep orange, red shade. It is incredible. Quite the treasure, if I do say so myself. :)

This long walk on the beach was just what we all needed, and afterwards, we stopped for lattes at our favorite local cafe. Hello, vanilla fudge latte and general Instagram loveliness. And yeah, I did just say vanilla, fudge, and latte in the same sentence. Uh, yum.

After a quick lunch and watching a movie, we were back to the beach. The sun came out for the first time in days. As sunlight streamed across the ocean, and we frolicked in the shallow water, we soon realized something amazing was happening.

Remember that conch shell? Yeah, we found over forty more.

Apparently the ocean was so churned up from the storm that it washed literally hundreds of these lovelies to shore. We ran around like mad-people trying to find as many as we could. It worked out pretty well.

smiley- face shell anyone?

Quite the adventure, no?

It was magical. My dad grew up near the beach, and my Granddad has lived there for years, and neither had ever seen anything like it before- there were so many conch shells.  Along with all those shells, dozens of other treasures washed up. I can't wait for them to show up in my mailbox soon. :)

Besides all the beach days, we took walks to a nearby lake. I love the nautical feel of the place....

fall foliage? yes please.

And now that we're home, fall is setting in. Pumpkin spice lattes are on the menu at Starbucks, some leaves are dropping, and soon enough, the sign will go up at the orchard across the street, signaling the arrival of crisp apples. Autumn's always been my favorite season. I could ramble about it forever but for now, I'll leave you to your weekend. :) Tomorrow morning, I'm off to the farmers' market. Perfect start to a three day weekend. Any plans for you?



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  1. Beautiful photography! That crab is huge! *Shudder*