friday's ramblings

Fall has set in. The apple cinnamon tea has entered my house, I'm ready to start knitting scarves again, and you'd better believe that this girl is loving wearing skinny jeans and moccasins daily.

Autumn brings a different mood, does it not? It ushers in thoughts of cooler, crisp air, crunchy vibrant leaves, pumpkin-spice everything, and warm socks. At least, for me it does. What does "autumn" entail, for you?

Something about this time of the year makes me want to cook. And bake. Things like salsa, pies, chili, cookies, etc. Though I can say I've never, ever eaten a beet, I just might have to try this out.

Yep, pretty sure I have to.

And speaking of food, guess who tried her first ever pumpkin spice frappuccino this morning? Mhmm, this girl.

Fall is good.

Oh, and I really must say, I can't believe I've almost hit a hundred followers. Y'all are amazing! Thank you all so very much. Nine more until we reach a hundred.... we can do it guys. :) 

Plans for your weekend? Do tell!

Also, thoughts on the new photo size?



  1. Grace7:40 PM

    I really like these pictures! you have really good perspective, and i like the name of ur blog "a stick in time" that's cute :)

  2. photography is gorgeous!
    love your blog <3

  3. Fall is amazing, for all those reasons you listed!! Makes me feel so alive. :)

    love always,

  4. I like the bigger pictures! The black and white one is so pretty.

  5. I must say: that beet cake looks BEAST. I'm not really a fan of beets, but seriously, who knew you could make a cake out of it? I might try this someday, if my not-so-adventurous parents permit. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3