life is beautiful.


It is, isn't it? Some days it's good to dream about life. Simple, precious, life. Dream with me?

I want to live a beautiful life. I want to soak up everything that each day has to offer. I want to cook and bake more. I want to complain less. To take time, no, make time, to sit on the porch and listen to rain showers and splash in puddles after. {did that the other day. made me happy, needless to say. :) } To listen to music more, dance more, laugh more {if that's remotely possible for me....}. To have less, and in reality, have more. To photograph more. To make new friends and cherish relationships with old ones, too. I want to never stop dreaming, but start doing, too. I want to write songs, play music, and lose track of time in a good book. I want to go on more picnics, travel more, and learn about life, love, and the world. I hope I'm never to busy to have Starbucks with a dear friend. Someday I'll take a painting class. I want to never stop creating things, and being an artist. I want to be a positive person, encouraging people every.single.day. I want to be known and remembered for giving hugs or a sweet word of encouragement when people need it most. I want to be more than just happy. I want to be constantly joyful and joy-filled.

I'll stargaze more. I'll watch black and white movies. I'll make a perfect smore someday, heck yes I will. ;) I'll test drive a Mini Cooper sometime or another. I'll paint pottery more often. I'll splurge on some cute shoes soon. I'll grin and bear it when life doesn't go the way I thought it would. I want to be that person who's happy on a rainy day. On a snowy day. On a cloudy day, a stormy day, a hot summer day, whatever comes. Why waste time complaining about the weather, for goodness sake?! Life.is.beautiful.

I want people to be able to look at me and call me fearless. And why shouldn't they be able to? With God as my Father, I have nothing to fear.

I want to take long walks on the beach, searching for sea shells. I want to be unafraid to get my sundress wet as I walk with family by the ocean in the summertime. I want how I look to be one of the most unimportant issues flitting across my mind. Life's too short to not go outside in the summer because you just flat ironed your curly hair into silky-straight perfection, mkay? Just is. This summer I've flat ironed my hair approximately five times. For real. Because I decided that there are things to do that are of much, much greater importance than straightening my sometimes uncooperative strands to perfection. That being said, I love style and I adore dressing up sometimes. And sometimes no excuses are necessary for donning a pretty dress, amen?

But sometimes life is hard. Sometimes you see something or find out something that hits you hard, and breaks your heart into a million shards. Like when you realize how many people go hungry daily. And how many people are freezing cold and homeless during the winters when we drive around town wearing one of our four winter coats and our Ugg boots. And when you stop and think that oh yeah, there are over 147 million precious children who live every day without a family, you feel so helpless! What's one person supposed to do about it? And is it really alright to be happy and joy-filled in a world when you have so much, and others have so little? Jesus tells us that we will always have the poor with us. But that doesn't mean we aren't to do a thing about it. So I will take things one day, one life, one person at a time. Jesus gives us strength to help make other peoples' lives beautiful too. He is the reason we can have a beautiful life.

And so I'll get hopelessly, helplessly lost in corn mazes this fall. I'll jump into leaf-piles, swing on my tire swing, and sip hot apple cider. I'll go buy apples at the orchard nearby, and light all my favorite vanilla-scented candles. I'll praise my God for all He's given me this Thanksgiving, joined by some of the people I love most in life. And I'll dig out my scarves when it gets cold, and squeal with delight at the first snowfall. I'll go sledding with friends and drink hot cocoa. And you'd better believe this girl is already excited for baking Christmas cookies, and for the day Christmas music starts to play in stores and on the radio. I'll decorate the house and a Christmas tree with my family this winter, and make plans for the new year. Oh, life is so beautiful.

I know that even when it's so, so hard, life is good.... and a beautiful thing. And I am not one to go around wasting beautiful things.



  1. This is so inspirational! I love the bokeh in the last one it's gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful, inspirational, fun! Good job!

  3. Beautiful writing, BEAUTIFUL photos!

  4. Wow! I completely agree with you. I want my life to be big & full -- beautiful.
    I love the third and fourth pictures. Gorgeous!