Excellence is something that my parents have always encouraged, sometimes even gently pushed, my brother and I to strive for. To be truly good at whatever we do. Going the extra mile, if you will. Doing that little extra that pushes you out from the crowd. And you know what? It works. It's noticed. And you feel better because you know deep down that what you just did is different. It's better than what would've been expected or accepted.

It's the approach I'm applying to my photography. I am an artist; my art is photography. Instead of sculpting with clay and creating a piece of pottery, I sculpt with perspective. Natural light. Color. And I create a photograph.

And so, as with anything else that I do, I strive for absolute excellence in my work. I want my work to stand out, just like I want my life to stand out in this world. I use so much light in my photography, and I want His light, Jesus' light, to shine just as brightly as the golden sunshine in my photographs. I want to shine through my work. I long to take pictures that display the creativity, wonder, and glory of my Lord. That's the reason I do it. 

Inspired by carlotta, kristen, and others, I renewed my commitment to photography. Good, standout photography. I will:

Strive for excellent work.

Have an open mind.

Be myself in my art.

Be unique.

Stay positive, and enjoy what I do.

And always keep Jesus at the center of my work.

What do you strive for?



  1. I think I wrote this post.

    I mean, JK, but seriously... I have had these exact same thoughts recently. And I just love the heart you have for orphans and adoption :)

  2. LOVE all of these pictures. they are amazing! following for sure:)

  3. Wow...okay so I SO needed this right now...applied to my writing. :) Especially because I always strive for/demand perfection from whatever I do. I need to keep the One who gave me this gift, at the center of my work with it. :)

  4. Hey! It's been a while since I stopped by. I always forget how much I love your blog. BTW, I awarded you!