dear summer

Dear Summer,

I am so happy that you are here. Correction- beyond happy. Because now that you're here, a time of intense relaxation (is that an oxymoron.......?) has set in. I wake up refreshed instead of exhausted in the mornings, and stay up later than I should at night. I have time on my side. Time. Time to read. I have been positively devouring books these days, thanks to you. Time to swim and laugh with friends. Time to write. Time to photograph. I like having time.

Summer, free time means that sometimes, you'll get a wonderful idea that simply has to be set in motion. As in, immediately. And we did that this weekend.

An impromptu picnic at the lake was the perfect change in pace after a sweet, but busy, week of summer. Sometimes I'm....afraid of change. I tend to dread it, because it means one thing: adjustment. But change can be oh so good! And this weekend, it was.

A change in pace. A change in scenery. A change in location- which ushers in some photography inspiration. {Take a peek at the pictures that are, in essence, summer, to me.... right here.)

Summer, I love you because you give me time to breathe. To just be. Be by myself, be with my family, or with my amazing friends.... I adore and treasure this time. I plan on soaking it in big time.... not letting a moment go to waste.

I love you summer.

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