Confession. I wonder sometimes about this little blog, here. You see, sometimes I do wonder if it really is me, or if it's someone else I'm showing to the world. And I don't really think that I am myself on here a hundred percent of the time. I use words I um, never use in normal conversation. I do not even particularly like using that fancy vocabulary. :) I'm a typical person. And there's a time and a place for those words. It's not always here.

Confession. I feel guilty spending my own money at Starbucks. I basically feel guilty unless I have a gift card. Ha! It just seems like so many people have so little in life, and here I am waiting in line at the single most expensive coffeeshop in town, trying to decide if I should order a double chocolate chip frappuccino or a vanilla bean frappuccino. It's almost ridiculous.

Confession. This summer, I have straightened my hair approximately, well, twice. I have perfected the messy bun, people. Now that's what I call summer style.

Confession. I have a new-found love for gardening. I'm taking care of someone's plants while they're away. And I actually like it. The methodical drip, drop of the water going into the pot is almost....soothing. I like it.

Confession. I have started, and stopped, and started again, with the whole project 365 idea. So, I'm going to start again, but with a more....manageable goal. :) It is a thirty day challenge this time. I think I can handle it. Want to join in? Take a look here.

Do you have any confessions you want to share today? Have a beautiful day!

PS- I was picked as a favorite in this photo challenge! It definitely made my day. ♥  SHARE THIS POST

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  1. I feel the same way about starbucks=/ *sigh*...why does it have to be so amazing??? By the way...your messy bun looks SOOO CUTEEE!! Or maybe its just because you can make anything look gorgeous:)
    Love this post.<3