black + white

I have always loved black and white photography. While I adore capturing a photo that is bursting at the seams with color and light, there's something about a black and white photograph that takes even the littlest moment, and turns it into art. It's dramatic. It's bold. But it's also potentially soft and quiet.

A black and white photo minimizes distractions, I think. When there's absolutely no color in a photograph, the viewer has no choice but to take a closer look at what the photograph is actually of.

The petals of a flower become more defined.

The droplets of water are noticed.

It's good to take a step back and look carefully at life sometimes.

Which do you prefer, color photography or black + white photography? For me, there's a time and a place for both. They each serve unique purposes.

There's a reason God gave us color in life. Life would be boring if everything was always seen in black and white. But there's a time for it too.

I cannot wait to tell you about what I'm doing this week! But it can wait. Just know that posts will be scarce this week. Hope your week's off to a very good start. 


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