who I am.

A while ago, I didn't feel like I knew who I was supposed to be. What my style was. Who I am... not my name or identity, but what kind of person I am. But I've since realized that whenever I try to be something I'm not, I'm not happy. And so, I'm very comfortable with who I actually am. Have you ever felt this way? It's frustrating when you're going through it, but most people do at some point. But now, I know who I am and perfectly okay with that. I am....

  • a fearless dreamer. I have dreams for myself and my future that I know God will shape.
  • a world shaker. passionate about orphans and loving the unloved in the world. 
  • a daughter of the King. that is where my true identity lies.
  • an aspiring photographer. I love capturing emotion, God's creativity, and more through the lens of a camera!
  • a lover of music... seriously. I always have something stuck in my head.
  • random. let's face it. I am. 
  • passionate. about many things.... my family. music. art and photography. my friends. Jesus. life.
  • me. that's it. I'm me, not anyone else, and I'm fine with that. well, more than fine. because there's only one of me and one of you, and that's how it's supposed to be.

So, those are my thoughts for today. It's a freeing thing to know that it's okay to be you, simply the you that God designed. I so hope that you have found that freedom too.



  1. Thanks for posting this! Honestly, I've been feeling the same thing - both in real life, and in the blogging world!

  2. Great post! It made me rethink who I am, too. I adore your pictures!! I think I may do a post like this sometime :))
    -Jocee <3