really good.

Can I just say that I love Easter? Okay, thanks.

I love Easter.

Ours started out as a glorious, sunny morning, and eventually tapered off into a slightly cloudy, misty afternoon with a few drops of rain here and there.

There is nothing like waking up Easter morning, knowing that the fact that Jesus rose, conquering everything that could ever separate us from Him, is still true even after some two thousand years. The sun streaming through the windows.... the thoughts of the joyful worship that will occur later that morning... it's good. Really good.

Since, it's been a rainy few days. Not that I mind.

I like rainy days. I've noticed that most people don't... but I truly do. I like waking up to the sounds of pouring rain drumming against my windows. I like the drops of water that cling to the screens, holding on for dear life as they reflect whatever happens to be behind them... which lately, has been the lusciously green grass that I love during the springtime.

And I like the fact that on these rainy, grey days, I don't feel like I have to rush around, trying to get everything done. They slow me down a bit. But don't get me wrong... after a few days of that, I'm ready for the invigorating, warm sunshine. 

Confession time: when the sun hits the grass and the flowers outside with just the right balance of warmth and light, I drop everything and grab my camera for another attempt at capturing that moment. I like it, just like I love a rainy day here and there.

And so, today, that sun was back for a few brief moments. And the flowers were fresh from the rain that fell earlier. So where was I?

You guessed it. Happy Tuesday!


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