today's miscellany

Meet and Greet Mondays. Just wanted to let you know that Meet and Greet Mondays will not be happening today... long story short: Life happens. Busyness happens. Accidents involving deleting photos for a DIY project happen. So, next month will be the next installment in Meet and Greet Mondays.

Today. Today I did a mini-photoshoot with K. She's always ready to smile... and I have many, many more pictures to share as proof!

Today we went to Barnes and Noble, and I spent my time poking through the store, flipping through magazines, people watching (does anyone else do this?!), and eventually picked out a book. Then it was off to Noodles and Co. I'd never been there before, but loved it!

Today was good.

Aspirations. I've completed a few of the items on my Aspirations list! Check it out here. If you have an aspiration/bucket list too, please leave a comment with a link because I'd LOVE to read it! 

Coming soon... I have a sort of inspiration board on my wall that I adore... and want to share with you! Stay tuned for that hopefully sometime later this week.

New love. One word five words: Double fudge cookie dough blizzard at DQ. Oh yes.

Do you have a random piece of your day that you'd like to share with me? Do tell!

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  1. Visiting from the Monday Miscellany. Your blog is beautiful. Sadly, both of our Barnes & Nobles and our Borders have closed. It's very sad. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  2. Double fudge cookie dough blizzards? Ummm... yum.:) That sounds soooo good! :D

  3. Hey, it's me, the new girl again. A Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard? Sounds chocolatey... so who wouldn't like it? Oh, and would you mind maybe considering my blog for you places to go, people to see tab? Thanks! Oh, and just so you know, Natalia, another girl who follows you is one of my very good friends.

  4. I have a bucket list on my blog...aspirations are like hope...can't live without it! I can't wait to see the inspiration board...I could use that! As far as ice cream goes....I love it all! Glad I discovered your blog! Have a terrific day!