thoughts on rain

I love the rain. No really, I do. I love the slow, steady sound of it coming down on the roof, the ground, and on my umbrella. I love that it leaves behind fresh earth, and that it coaxes new life out of the ground. It is refreshing. And it means spring is on its way.

I love falling asleep to the sound of it... once, when I was really little and couldn't fall asleep, my parents told me to try to count the raindrops. It worked... I was asleep in no time. :)

I love the effect it has on the slowly growing, light green grass, how it strengthens it with each drop and encourages it to come up from the ground. I really love puddles. And jumping in them is, quite honestly, always a good idea.

In case you couldn't tell, rain is one of my favorite things. Happy Wednesday!



  1. I agree- rain is so calming and soothing. I love these pictures, they demonstrate rain perfectly!

  2. I'm SO with you! I love love love the rain! Especially here in Arizona during the Monsoon Season! It's totally epic!

  3. Rain truly is beautiful isn't it! I always miss it in the winter-- I love snow, but it doesn't doesn't have the same refreshing, cleansing, comforting feeling.

  4. I love the summer rain storms here in AZ.. I could curl up on the couch with a book.. Being in it, is a diff story, but its very calming when I'm in my home..

  5. I LOVE a good spring rain!! And I find it easier to fall asleep if it's raining.
    Love your photos!!


  6. I love rain too. The sound is so relaxing: it could put me to sleep in minutes.

  7. Love your photos! I slept so well last night because of the rain!

  8. I wish I could hit "like" more than once! Because I looooved this post.
    Rain is awesome.