st. louis, part {1.}

Oh, these photos just make me smile. We were in St. Louis for a few days of spring break with some amazing friends, and one of the places we stopped by was the zoo. Let me tell you something- there are flowers blooming in St. Louis. No joke... here's proof.

Isn't God so creative?! Seriously... just look at that flower.

Okay, I'll admit that a few of these are from the indoor butterfly room at the zoo... but not many of them. The trees are colorful, bursting open with cheerful blooms, and I was ecstatic as I zoomed in on each and every one. It was so nice to have a change of scenery, and to be able to add some more color to my shots.

Let's hope these are all still blooming away... after we left, they got five inches of snow in St. Louis. Yikes...

Hope your Monday's off to a good start!!



  1. These photos are absolutely breathtaking...all of them!! Love! xo

  2. Love these!! you have quit the eye Caitlin!!

  3. thank you so much! :)

  4. I live in St louis! Check my blog out. Do my civil war game to win a prize.