saturday's ramblings

Yesterday. Wow, what a great experience it was! For Japan with Love raised over $47,000 for the cause. THANK YOU! That is incredible. And it was a blessing for me, too, to be off my blog for a day. Very refreshing! Did you participate?

Photo Challenges. I have a few to catch up on. Here we go...


"straight out of camera"

"edited version"

Do Visit...{this blog}. I'm loving it.

It's Spring... Almost! Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Did anyone else realize this? I am beyond ready. Here it is gorgeous. The sunlight is streaming in through the windows, there's a slight breeze, and you can bet that this girl will be wearing a short- sleeved top today. :) And even better? Spring rain is in the forecast for this week. I love the rain.

Is spring showing up yet where you live?



  1. I LOVE your first shot...so vibrant & a great angle! :)

  2. Great capture, love the color and the water droplets. Thanks for linking up.

  3. I love the first shot, what kind of flower is it? I have enjoyed visiting your blog and saw you are interested in adopting....contact me if you have any questions. Adopting June has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives. Thanks for following our journey.


  4. Beautiful! I love the rain dripping off the branch! Thanks for linking up today!