I think so.

Oh hey, March. Now that you're here, I have come to a conclusion.

Blogging from Bolivia

Spring is on its way. Oh yes it is.

This weekend we have family coming in to visit, and I couldn't be more excited. Wait- just kidding, I could be more excited... my brother has some sort of flu or a horrible cold, we're not sure which. So if that went away I'd be even more excited. It should be fun. Remember this post? That's the sweet girl that's coming back. Take one look at that smile and you'll be able to figure out why I'm excited.

Spring is coming.



  1. What lovely spring shots. I miss that season. Living in the desert we're pretty much hot and hotter. I guess winter is our spring, really. These shots made me think of "home" in Michigan. Thank you.

    And, Happy Spring!


  2. Beautiful shots! Here in CA I have been enjoying spring for a while (neener-neener!) but soon my hills will be brown and the summer sun will dry out all the flowers. :o( Hope I will be able to enjoy more beautiful garden shots from you in the future!

  3. The robins arrived in my yard today and that is always a sure sign that the weather is going to turn soon. It has been getting warmer here thankfully but the skies are grey and there are no buds on anything yet. I think the plants are being smartly reserved about this iowa weather. Beautiful pictures-- I hope you have a great time with your family!

  4. Beautiful! Love your first shot!

  5. Spring is definately on the way! Love the curlique in the first photo-- the first macro I ever posted was a cucumber tendril-- never thought to shoot a dried out of season one. Looks like art.

    I see you are a reader-- If you ever want to chat about books, come visit my bookish blog. Lots of book gabbing going on!

  6. i am SO ready for spring these days. germany is still freezing.

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