for peace.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the crazy earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and other places on the planet today. It's heartbreaking to think of the lives lost because of them.

And then it hit me. Here I am, sitting with my own laptop, in my house, with my family, sipping peach tea from a thermos. And yet, there are people who, because of today, will be without all of their belongings.

But there are people whose homes have been destroyed today.

There will be many more orphans after today. Families have been changed, most likely for the worst.

And forget about the tea... they might not even have food or clean water because of today.

And yet, here we are. In our homes. With our families. With our food and clean water. I don't know where I fit in when it comes to helping to restore Japan and the other places hit by this earthquake... for now we can only pray. Pray that people would be filled with a sense of hope in the midst of it all. Pray that God would give people a peace that surpasses all understanding. Yeah, especially for peace. Because I can guarantee that there's not a lot of peace in Japan at the moment.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Sometimes I feel really helpless with a lot of things in my life and in the world. Then I think that God wants me to be helpless, because I can't truly do ANYTHING without Him & He can do ANYTHING.
    <3 leigh

  2. Peace is what we surely do need to pray and that all those hurting and with great loss that God would bring his perfect laborer avross their path so that they might feel the hoep they can have in Him who first loved them in all this destruction. Gods love caovers all.
    It is so very hard to watch all this on TV. It breaks my ehart so. Feelings of helplessness.

  3. Our friends in japan are certainly in our prayers.

  4. cool shadow shot!