a different beat {or, the brace post, part two.}

It's here. The brace post, part two.

So here's the news. I'm launching a little "campaign" dubbed Moving to a Different Beat. Because that's exactly what I've chosen, am choosing, and will always choose to do when a storm comes in my life. Honestly, when a storm comes, you have two choices. 

{1.} Wait for it to pass and for the puddles, what's been left behind, to disappear.


{2.} Dance in the rain and, somehow, enjoy it, even though it's hard.

Take a guess, why don't you, at which of those I've chosen to do?

You got it. This girl's been doing a lot of dancing lately. 

I'm moving to a different beat... I'm choosing something different. See, I could either wait for my time in this thing to be over, or I could do something with it. 

If you're going through something too, whether it's scoliosis or something else, leave a comment on this page. What's your story? We all have one. Also grab the button at the top of this post.. just copy and paste it into your sidebar, and be sure to link to this page. And even if you're not going through something really hard, but are standing out in some way and going against the current, that "counts" too. :) I want as many people as humanly possible to move to a different beat when they see those storm clouds rolling in. 

Let's invite other people to dance in the rain, shall we?



  1. Neat post! I need this today:) Thanks girl!


  2. http://emilyinmalaysia.blogspot.com/2011/03/odd-day.html

    love this :) must say i felt a lot better after reading your blog