a splash of color

Over the weekend, my friends and I headed to a concert. It was incredible to say the least. There's just something about being with two of your best friends in the world, laughing at everything, buying overpriced cotton candy and hot wings, poking around the venue, and then the music. Oh my gosh, the music. It's fantastic. But the best part? It's all for Christ. All that energy... the  excitement... it's for Him. Sure, seeing bands we all love is a plus. And electric green skinny jeans do make for an interesting conversation. Ahem. Oh, and stifling laughter during a serious part of the night just because one of us got the giggles is great too. Because it's for Him.

Sometimes you really need that experience, that joy that comes from a night like the other night. It adds a splash of color to your life, you know?

Speaking of.

I love the little splash of color one of these quick little guys brings to the pure beauty of winter.

The red against the blue almost looks patriotic, don't you think?

Did you have a good Valentine's day yesterday? I created some homemade valentines that I think turned out pretty great. If I do say so myself. ;) Hope it was a good day for you.

Enjoy your Tuesday! I know I am. SHARE THIS POST

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